Get A F\/cn Lifebook - Making fun of facebook

I saw this on my facebook and i LOVE IT!!! XD JUST READ IT!!! XDXD lmfao.

Chapter 1

READ THE INTRO!!!!!! DO IT!!!!!! :3

FACEBOOK, Sltbook, meet to just F\/kbook, tryin to be sneaky but then get caught Upbook, Shamebook, Lamebook, using a Fake namebook, corny in the streets but on here you got Gamebook, Jokebook, Pokebook, everybody's Quotebook, in pictures you got money but in person you a Brokebook, Sexbook, Flexbook, flirting with yo Ex-Book, someone leaves a comment then you get a urgent Text-Book, Fightbook, Trifebook, Everybody's Rightbook! Someone needs to come out witha get a F\/kin Lifebook! Ask me I dont give a dam FACEBOOK!

Isn't that just hilarious? XD idk why i posted this... oh well! ^w^



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