Three most hardest things I ever had to do

I was bored and depressed so I wrote down three of the most hardest things I have ever had to do so far. No pity, I was just bored and that was the past...

Chapter 1

1. Admit to myself my Mom hated me

When I was little, I remember laying in bed with my Mom (I was like four or five) and telling her how much I loved her, to infinity and beyond, to our Milky way and back again! I remember holding her hand and her singing me to sleep, telling me bed time stories. But I also remember this one crucial time, I normally wouldn't share this but I learned from...uh, not my...uh, therapist that you should talk about things. I've made friends, so...I'm talking.
I was five, I remember it exactly. I was in my old house with my parents. I had done something that angered my Mom and she grounded me, made me stay in the front room alone, at night. I was so mad that I ran, I left the house, ran up the hill and hid in my Grandmother's house. My Mom and Dad found me and took me back, yelling and cursing and punishing...I remember it well, to the point of tears. It wasn't until I was ten or eleven that my Mom started hating me. She...stopped taking her meds, stopped cooking, I fended for myself and if it wasn't for my Sis, I wouldn't be here right now, I'm sure. That was one of the hardest things I had to do, admit my Mom hated me.

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