A Sonamy Story (Chapter 5)

I'm not quitting at all, I decided to stay thanks to my friend xxxlexixx. Enjoy

Chapter 1

Amy Dream Comes True

Sonic: Sally I can't believe you cheated on me
Sally: I'm sorry its just that Shadow so hot
Sonic: We're done
Sally: cryings and runs away NO!
Amy: walks to school alone
Sonic: Hey Amy
Amy: Oh hey Sonic
Sonic: Wanna walk to school together
Amy: What about Sally?
Sonic: We brokeup
Amy: I'll like that very much
Sonic: So Amy I was wondering if you wanna go out?
Amy: Of Course Sonic hugs him
Sonic: Yay picks her up
Amy: whispers I can't believe my dream came true!
I made it short cause I didn't feel like writting that much


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