Pureblood, mud blood, bloodtraitor

Once again my character!
Name:Rosala Lee aka Rose
Friends:Harry, Hermione, Ron, Fred, George
Enemies:Draco (but not for long), Pansy, Blaise
Appearance:long black hair, 5'3,
Personality:shy, kind, caring, honest,emotional,
Pet:yellow cat name twinkie, small blank and white owl name penguin
Relatives:Godfather- Severus Snape, godmother- Lily Potter (deceased), godbrother- Harry Potter,
birthmark of a rose on the nap of her neck, by her right shoulder

Chapter 1

The doorstep at Godric's Hollow

A/N: I made some changes to my character. Instead of dad, mom, and brother, it will be godfather, godmother, and god brother. Severus Snape and Lily are still friends. To symbolize her name, I'm giving her a birthmark of a rose on the nape of her neck on the back, by her right shoulder. Sorry for the inconvenience. Enjoy the story

Close to midnight when everyone was asleep. Two figures appeared out of nowhere. They were carrying a basket in which an 11 month old girl was in.

"Victor, we have no other choice." The woman told her husband.

"I know Summer. Even though we asked Lily to be our daughter's godmother, I still feel unsure of this." He looked down at the child that lay in the basket.

"We have no other choice. They found us and they're coming tomorrow to kill us." She sighed. "Least we can do is provide our daughter somewhere safe to live." They placed the basket in front of the door to the Potters home. On top they laid a letter. With that they turned around and left. Never to see the light of day again or their child. As the night got colder the baby started crying. The wind blew the letter away into the bushes. Hearing the cry, James Potter opened the door to look outside. That was when he spotted the basket with the child. He called for Lily and she ran out carrying a baby boy who than was a year old. They bought the basket in and took care of her. For days the letter laid in the bushes, waiting to be found. Than finally as if awaiting for him, the wind blew the letter towards a figure that was walking to the Potter's house.

"James, I cant do this no more. We can't wait and hide while Voldemort is out looking for us."

"Lily, we don't have much choice. Go get Harry and the girl down here." Lily left upstairs and came down carrying the girl and holding Harry's hand as he walked down. "Come here Harry." James picked Harry up and bought him over to the couch. "I only wish we know what her name was, maybe than we can stop calling her girl." They both chuckled until they heard a knock on the door. In a hushed tone he told Lily to take the kids into the kitchen. He got his wand out and went to the door. Seeing who it was, he lowered his wand and opened the door. "Snivellus."

"Next to see you to Potter." Severus Snape scowled. "Now where is Lily? I found something that might belong to her." He walked into the kitchen when all of a sudden he heard a spell.

"Stupefy!" He was immediatly stunned and fell to the floor. Inside the kitchen, little Harry was holding on to the girl and sitting on the kitchen floor. Lily stood with her wand pointed out. Clearly she was the one to say the spell.

James walked into the kitchen and saw Severus on the floor. "Nice one Lily. So proud of you." He gave her a hug and pecked her on the cheek.

"Not funny James." She pushed him and ran over to Severus. "Finite Incantatem." Severus started to wake up.

"That was uncalled for Lily." He got up and rubbed his head.

"Sorry. I didnt know who it was." She went over to the fridge and got a pack of ice. "Here put this on the back of your head."

"It's ok Lily." he sighed. "After what you heard from Dumbledore, you have every means to jump at little things. By the way. I found this outside. Its for you." He handed her an envelope. Lily took it. "[[Lily Evans]]" it said in red. she opened it and read it out loud.

We are truly sorry to leave you with our daughter but we had no other choice. We made some mistakes in the past and it cost us our lives. By the time you read this, we will be long gone. Erased from the face of the earth. Her name is Rosala Lee. Her birthday is August 4. We have left everything of ours under her name to you. Please take good care of her.
Love, Summer and Victor Lee."

After reading this she burst out in tears. They were friends of hers ever since they moved into Godrics Hollow.

"So you do have a name." James picked up the girl. "Rosala Lee."

"You take her Sev." Lily said. She took Rosala out of James arms and gave her to Severus. "We are already going through alot. We cant protect another child in this house." Lily picked Harry up and went upstairs.

"I agree with her Snape." James said. "We have to much on our hands right now."

"I'll do it. For Lily, not you Potter." Snape walked to the living room and waited as James packed Rosala stuff.

"Here. Take good care of her wont you Snape." James sneered.

"As my own daughter." Severus walked out the door and a couple feet away from the house, he apparated back to Spinner's end. "Well Rose, this here is your new home."

Later that night, Lily and James were murdered. Voldemort was nowhere to be found. Harry Potter was the boy who lived. Severus was devasted. Lily was gone. The love of his life dead. But he still had something of hers to remember by. Something of hers to live on and love. The baby girl, she gave her to him to love. She trusted him to take care of her.

On August 4, Rosala first birthday, Severus tried to teach her to do magic. No matter what he did, she couldnt do it. Finally he realized that the girl was only a muggle. He left her in her room to sleep. Later that night, while remembering Lily, he cried. he heard footsteps. He pulled out his wand and was ready to send a spell when all of a sudden he stopped. In the door way was Rosala.

"Dada, sleepy." Rose said as she walked over to him. He picked her up and laid her in bed. Singing to her to go back to sleep, he started crying again. "Dada, no cry." Rose brushed her little hand against his cheek. He couldnt cry now. Not when Rose needed him. Not when Lily gave her to him to take care of. With that, the two father and daughter fell asleep.

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