A melody in the heart

A melody in the heart

Short but from the heart :)

Chapter 1


A melody plays
That same sad tone
In my heart like a piano
Keys breaking off, losing more of me
Playing from my soul
With a broken spirit with no wings
I'm a ghost, on a heart aching violin
People pass by, but don't stop to listen
Grey clouds above, they respond with flooding rain
Is that you crying from above me?
Don't worry, I always have you as my umbrella
My sunshine in a storm of pain and loneliness
You never judge but nudge me into a direction
You never let me go without a day without love
That you send in forms of beautiful spirits
Or shine that light down upon me, hugging me so like no other
The melody becomes uplifting
I'm no longer stuck on the ground
But now up high in the air in clear skies
The song of a heart finally healed and in peace
A rose is left on the piano of my heart
With feathers on the violin that played my tears
That are now gone but with a smile.


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