Riley was kidnapped at age six and for ten years she has been continuously tortured, with no chance of escape.
Then when a boy comes to work for the place where she is trapped he tells her thatb he will get her out, but what will happen when -or if- they do get out.
Will they find out why they kidnapped Riley?
Will they found out where Riley's brother Tariq is?
And will they ever be left alone?

Chapter 4

Happy Birthday, have some ants.

I hadn’t gotten much sleep the last few days, I’d spent long nights staring at the pictures in the Doctor Seuss books, I didn’t even pay any mind to the words, I didn’t even comprehend a single letter, I just stared at the strange animals, taking in every colour, every shadow, every line, everything I could see, see with my own eyes. The same eyes that were gouged out of my own skull then somehow all the ligaments and things joined back together and it was completely healed. It felt as if nothing happened, even though I was certain it did, and it wasn’t fake, that couldn’t have been fake.
So then how did it heal, how’d it completely go completely back to normal?
All I remember was how much pain I was in, then I blacked out, and when I woke up I was in my cell, lying on my mattress staring at the ceiling. I was tired, I woke up with no idea how long I had been out for, but I was completely exhausted, so I closed my eyes to try to get more sleep.
The problem was, what I saw when I closed my eyes. Have you ever seen something really scary in a movie, or read it in a book, or maybe even just dreamt about it, then when you close your eyes again you envision this image of this terrifying thing. Whenever I closed my eyes, I saw nothing, I couldn’t see, everything was black and despite how normal it was, to see nothing when your eyes are closed, it terrified me. I closed my eyes, and they shot right back open again, from fear of the darkness, fear that my eyeballs were really, truly gone.
Admittedly, I was scared to even blink, so when I stared at the pictures I kept my eyes open until everything became blurry, doubles merged into singles and singles split into doubles. Then I’d blink, really quickly I’d blink so my vision would go back to normal, and I’d repeat the process.
I dozed off once or twice in those days until my birthday, maybe three times, though it was nowhere near enough. Thankfully though, after Codas’ little episode, he hasn’t tried anything major on me, just the small things he used on me as a child, I could of almost fallen asleep if I thought it’d be so much more fun to stare at the white-cracked ceiling.
Thankfully also in those days, I was given time to exercise which resulted in me almost falling over again and Jean scolding me. The day after that I was given my very rare wash which happened by this other guy that looked very much like Rob; I’d be stripped down completely and have cold water tipped on my body, I was given soap to run over my body and that’s also what I had to use to wash my hair, but it was better than nothing, once that was done I had another bucket of water tipped over and whether or not I was completely rinsed off, so I was dragged off, half covered in soap.
This morning when Codas came in, I cowered against the wall for the first time in years; I was honestly scared what was going to happen to me today, what Doctor Codas was going to do. It was my birthday so he was giving me the ‘present’, which I was not looking forward to at all.
The smile on Codas’ face was wicked, and I knew I should be terrified, and I was, especially now that I knew that it wasn’t fake like I’d always thought prior Monday. I now struggled as Codas walked closer with needle at the ready, he called out for help and Jean came in, walking towards me and holding me down I struggled but didn’t move as much as I hoped, as the needle went into my arm I felt Jean’s lips against my ear as he whispered, ‘I’m sorry. Soon, I promise.’
When I woke up I was strapped to the table as per usual. I couldn’t see Codas anywhere, my head moved around frantically trying to see him but I couldn’t. It must’ve been five minutes before I heard a door open then close and I saw Codas, he was holding some type of jar, he placed it on the table before I could see what was inside. Codas then turned around holding something in each hand. In his right hand held some type of cage, like the cage for Tweety bird, but it had no bottom to it and the top was dipped in like a bowl. In his other hand there was a squirming white rat, red eyes wide and body hanging, Codas walked closer to me and placed the cage on the ground before pulling the dirty shirt up, exposing my torso. Codas then picked the cage up and placed the rat on my stomach, quickly capturing it in the cage, he then turned back around.
The rat ran around, I guess trying to find a way out, and it tickled against my bare skin. Codas turned back around and I panicked when I saw he was holding a large scoop type thing with hot coals in it, what was he going to do?
Gradually, the cage got hotter and hotter and the rat ran around a lot more, trying to find a way out, I closed my eyes, trying to ignore the heat and the tickling of the rat, though my eyes flew open when a felt the rat begin to nibble on my skin.
“Wait, what are you doing?” I asked as the rat chewed more.
“Happy Birthday,” Codas muttered.
The pain after that was unbearable; the rat had chewed right through my stomach before it got to the bottom of the table and got stuck, only then did Codas take away the cage and reach into me, grabbing and pulling out the rat, petting it affectionately and put it down behind him.
I was taking deep breath trying to ignore the pain, but I couldn’t help but pay close attention as I felt and became more aware of my skin and inside knitting back together. When it stopped and the pain subsided, I didn’t even make my usual witty, sarcastic comment, just stayed silent, waiting for my next torture.
I had to wait a while, and I was instantly curious and scared when Codas turned around with a very sharp knife that glinted slightly in the dim light. Codas walked up sliced at the tips of my fingers with his knife, making me bleed; the blood ran fast around my fingers, dripping onto the table. Codas then walked around to my bare feet and sliced at the ends of my toes, the blood spilling from them.
Codas then rushed to the table again, grabbing the jar which I found was full of ants. “Meat ants,” Codas told me quietly before empting the jar on my feet, instantly pain soared through me as the ants began to eat. Codas went back to the table and collected another jar of the ants, dumping them on my hands. I screamed the most I ever had before, I felt as the ants eat up my hands and feet, I squirmed and squirmed, knowing it was useless, but I tried anyway.
Eventually after an agonizing amount of time that felt like hours but I had no idea how long it truly was, my arm actually flew up, shocked I glanced on it, wondering how, I then realised I had no hand, just a stub where the ants were still feasting on my flesh and then a thin skeleton hand, I pulled my other arm up and realised I could move my legs as well, my hands and feet were no longer there, just the bones, to get caught in the metal loops to keep me strapped to the table, but there was no way I could get away when I had no hand and feet and the ants were still eating me.
I shook my arms and legs, banging them against the table squishing many ants and just making others go flying, but some still stayed attached and despite the fact it caused me more pain, I closed my eyes –not even thinking about the earlier eye episode- and continued to bash my limbs against the table and in about thirty seconds my hands literally grew back, lucky for me, Codas hadn’t been paying any attention so he didn’t realise I was free, my bleeding had completely stopped and the ants were scattering.
I swung my legs around, landing on the ground and using the bench for support, then quickly before Codas could realise, I threw myself at his little table of tools, using that as support, there were many things such as syringes, scalpels, the jars and many others, but my hand closed around the knife that Codas had used the slice my toes and fingers, the blood on it was still fresh, I gripped the smooth, black handle in my hand tightly as Codas turned around, his eyes furious.
“Put the knife down and return to your rightful place,” he kissed at me, taking a confident step towards me.
“No!” I shouted as loud as I could, which honestly wasn’t that loud, my voice was weak and shaky, “Come closer and I’ll stab you with this, this knife!” I hoped I sounded a lot more confident then I felt because in all honesty I didn’t have much energy, I was ready to collapse and give up.
Against my wishes, Doctor Codas took a step towards me, looking amused and I automatically waved the knife out in front of me, “Stay back,” I warned.
Codas laughed a soft laugh that almost sounded like a child, it sent chills up my spine, as he took a step forward, and I quickly jumped forward and plunged the knife into him, watching as his facial expression changed from amusement into horror. His mouth opened slightly and his eyes widened as far as I’m sure they could, his blue eyeballs looking as if they were ready to pop out. His skin paled and he fell forward, causing me to gasp and step back, still clutching the knife, causing it to cut upwards into his chest. I gasped again and pulled it out, taking shaky steps back as Codas’ body fell limp to the ground and the ants proceeded to cover him.
Quickly, not wanting to look at the scene, I wobbled out of the room, going up the hallways I remember being led up so many times until I found me cell and glanced into the room to find Jean standing in there, looking through one of my Doctor Seuss books.
“Jean,” I snapped, he looked up, completely surprised and took in my loneliness and the knife I held in my hand. My feet ached and I knew I was ready to fall, “Help,” I whispered before my legs gave out, resulting in me hitting the hard floor and only concentrating on the knife not going at a bad angle, and I refused to let it go.
Jean rushed over and knelt next to me, “What happened?”
“I’ll tell you later,” I whispered harshly to him, “Just get me out of here.”
“Wait a second,” he told me, fishing his pone out of his pocket and pressed a few buttons, placing to his ear, he said something into it before putting it back.
“Let’s go,” he said to me, “Oh, and Riley, you really are going to have to keep up.”

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