Riley was kidnapped at age six and for ten years she has been continuously tortured, with no chance of escape.
Then when a boy comes to work for the place where she is trapped he tells her thatb he will get her out, but what will happen when -or if- they do get out.
Will they find out why they kidnapped Riley?
Will they found out where Riley's brother Tariq is?
And will they ever be left alone?

Chapter 1


I laughed loudly as the feeling of my finger slowly being pulled from my hand, the my bones being pried apart and my skin slowly breaking, the pain was almost unbearable, but after ten years of the same, continuous thing, I learnt to deal with it...kind of.
On the bright side, after all these days of endless torture, I knew none of it was real, despite how real it felt it was all in my head. All my limbs were attached to my body and my organs were safely inside me. After a few hours of that (/they/ thought it’d be fun to keep going until I had experienced this with all my fingers and toes) the pain began to subside and I could see clearly if it wasn’t for the light above me, I blinked a few times to get used to the light and when I caught sight of my ‘doctor’ I smiled sweetly, “Hey Doc, did you have as much fun as usual, thought of anything new yet? It’s getting kind of boring, the same old things, over and over again,” my voice was small and frail, but I guess that is what happens after years of torture and no one to talk to.
Doctor Codas stayed silent, as usual, and I saw him turn and grab something from a table that was out of my view, but I knew what was happening. I didn’t bother trying to get out of my binds like I had all those years ago, I had learnt it was useless. The steel loops that kept my hands and feet firmly on the desk I was laying on had no chance of breaking.
Doctor Codas turned back around holding a fairly large syringe; I eyed the liquid inside the syringe, instead of the usual thin, fiery red liquid that made my veins fill like they were on fire there was a thick violet liquid that I had no clue as to what it would do, “Well, here’s a nice change, I always preferred purple over red, red is just so damn-” The rest of my sentence was cut off by Codas finding a vein and injecting the liquid into me. My screams reverberated through the room as I felt the iciness spread through my bloodstream, eventually finding my heart. I had the urge to pull my hand up and clutch at my chest, to rip out my own frozen heart but my restraints wouldn’t allow it, instead I just thrashed at this new experienced -this new pain- which I hadn’t felt before, the restraints rubbing against my ankles and wrists roughly.
My legs tried to kicked out and my hands tried to move but I was stuck, suddenly it felt as if something grabbed a hold of my heart and squeezed, my screams came out louder and my fear escalated, I felt the same fear that I had as a six-year-old, I asked myself the same questions.
What are they doing to me?
Why are they doing this?
What did I do wrong?
Where are mummy and daddy?
Where is Tariq, are they doing this to him as well?
Tariq, my older brother by two years, he was there when they took me away, but when I saw them taking him, it was in a different direction, I haven’t seen him since then, and my biggest fear all these years was that he was being put through the same thing as me.
I don’t know how long it was until the coldness stop spreading but it must’ve taken at least an hour for it to actually fade away and for the grip on my heart to loosen, and when it did, I breathed a sigh of relief. I was relieved and wanted to stay in that moment forever, despite the strong pain in my throat from my loud, continuous screaming earlier, my heart beat loudly in my ears and my head throbbed painfully, but in my past ten years-moments like this were pure bliss.

Okay, so not the most... optimistic begining, and no, it is not gonna be like this the entire story, there is actually a point and such but yeah, I just had this idea in my brain and decided I liked it, hope you liked!

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