Harry Potter's Twin:Elaura Potter

Harry Potter's Twin:Elaura Potter

Okay this is a harry potter story (no duh it says Harry Potter) so this will be a love story with alot of twists so try not to get dizzy but i will go slow so yea! hope you like and plz rate! :D

Chapter 1

information and an exclusive interview!!

CHARACTER: Elaura Potter
PERSONALITY: happy, really defensive, never gives up, bubbly, can get really ugly when she is pissed off and is very loyal
LIKES: games, getting into fights, making pranks, jokes, dancing, singing, parties, poems, and music
DISLIKES: haters, ppl that will hurt the ppl she loves, know it alls, uniforms, school, mornings, and her cousin(especially her cousin!!!)
FEARS: Spiders, to die alone, the dark, to go deaf, and to lose her brother
GOALS: to kill Voldemort
me-hey Elaura Potter, its nice to have you here!
Elaura-its nice to be here Jewels.
me-so I'm just wondering what is the most important thing in your life???
Elaura-definitely my twin brother Harry!
me-you know you don't look like Harry???
Elaura-heh, yea that's because we are non-identical twins.
me- 0.o....they make those???
Elaura-Uhhhhhhh yea.....
me-wow you learn something every day!
Elaura- 0.o ???? uhh yea I guess
me-so tell me what type of music do you like??
Elaura-any really, I like hip-hop, rap, Spanish music and rock!
me-interesting who your fav. hip-hop singer???
Elaura- I'm going to have to say Beyonce or Nicki Manaj!
me-whats your favorite song from them??
Elaura-with Beyonce ima have to say 'single ladies' and with Nicki ima have to say....um 'super bass'!
me-I love super bass too! who is your fav. raper?
Elaura- definitely Eminem!!
me-he sounds mad to me all the time but I love his song 'when I'm gone'
Elaura-me too!!
me-Wooh! we got stuff in common! so any way who is your fav. Spanish singer??
Elaura-well I know she ain't alive anymore but its Selena, but one that isn't dead I think I'm going to have to say Dj Sancho!
me-cool cool, what song?????
Elaura- Uhhhhhhh with Selena definitely 'dreaming of you' and with Dj Sancho it would be 'miss you'
me-cool I love those songs but miss you makes me cry...so,what's your favorite rock band??
Elaura-oooh that's hard, nightwish.... shinedown..... hinder.... green day..... linkin park...... godsmack..... Tarja Turnunen..... Hoobastank..... S.O.A.D...... simple plan....
me-Damn girl!! thats a lot!!!!
Elaura-Hahaha, I know!
me-so I herd you like parties?? so who are you at a party???
Elaura-the life of the party if that's what you mean!
me-do you dance???
Elaura-hell yea! I love to dance!
me-really I totally take you as a dancer type of person!!
Elaura-thank you
me-so I actually herd this from Harry, he says you get into a lot of fist fights, is this true???
Elaura-uhh yea, but it not my fault its the other person, they piss me off!!
me-really? what do they do??
Elaura-stupid stuff or they insult me, Harry or my friends!
me-wow your really defensive, not saying that its a bad thing! I like it!! what is the worst thing you done to a person in a fight??
Elaura-well I've givin ppl broken bones?
me- 0.0 !!!! I really don't want to mess with you!
Elaura-heh thanks I take that as a complement!
me- okay well sorry Elaura but our time is up so thank you for being here!!
Elaura-thanks for having me here!!
I shake Elaura's hand, and Elaura leaves out from the right side of the stage
me-so thank you for reading this, I hope you liked this interview. after my 1st chapter I will give an interview with Harry Potter! please comment and/or rate! again thank you! cookies are good but not as good as cup-cakes!
I wave good bye to reader

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