Thank You Geena (the author of How I Became A StarKid)

ok, you had to be expecting this....

If not then surprise!

Chapter 1

I'm gonna get mushy

Geena (ussabrefencer07) is the mastermind behind the longest story on Quibblo, How I Became A StarKid, which ended today. But she is much more than that.
Geena's story also happened to be the first StarKid story I read and it inspired me and countless others to write our own. Her humor and heartfelt (plus ever so cheesy) dialogue is always enough to brighten anyone's day. She kind of embodies StarKid herself, cheering people up and gathering her own dedicated fan base.
But Geena is also more than just a writer. She's a friend. And a good one too. Geena never fails to comment on stories or answer messages. She encourages people and helps them with their stories. She's always ready to talk about StarKid and share her obsession with the rest of her crazed fans.
I am so happy to call Geena my friend here and I know many others are too. So that's why I'm writing this for her on this awesome (but sad) day when she finished the story that started it all.
Geena, you are Totally Awesome.
Thank you smiley face XD

Mischief Mamaged,


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