A So Called Friend

A So Called Friend

True both in life and me recently

Chapter 1

My friend

I hate you now
To think I once liked you
Two friends to the end
Yet one is here in pain
Alone with deep cold tears
You lied to me
To think you just dumped me like trash
And never hesitated to look back
I thought friends were very important than next was love
I leave and come back to find myself kicked out of the group
Oh yes, very much replaced too
Why not just cut my heart out
And throw it down in a river
Share secrets
Comfort each other
Laugh and smile
Thought that was us but you took it away
I didn't know you could refund a friendship
Then sale their heart online for selfish gain
Some friend, maybe I was never really nothing
Just you wanting more numbers for your group
Then lead a stray others as you only chat to one, that one who stole you away
Not just from me but soon from all, love can make a person blind remember
My so called friend, a least i found a way to get back at you
Just with a click of a button and classic word....


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