Mikenno Ai (Ouran HSHC Story) ~~

Mikenno Ai (Ouran HSHC Story) ~~

Hi Everyone :D This is a new story about the host club by me and snapeskindagirl its about Hikaru and Kaoru's older sisters who are also twins but in the third year :) i hope ya like it :D

~ Emi the Starship Ranger OUT~!


Chapter 1

Chapter 1 - Intro

“Akira! Try that dress on and come out here to show us!” My mother said to my twin sister Akira. I let out a small laugh as she walked out of the changing room wearing a long yellow dress.

“You look like a lemon!” I teased, and she just glared at me.

“I think it rather suites you sweetie!” My mother always sugar coated the truth for us, but you can tell when she’s lying.

“Well you have to wear it too Nat!” Akira hissed at me, I just shrugged. I don’t mind wearing dresses and frilly things, I think they quite suit me but my sister on the other hand hates anything to do with dresses. I took the extra dress out of my mother’s hands and walked into the changing room, shutting the curtain behind me.

“Mother, Remind me why we’re going to this new academy anyway?” I called as I slipped the dress on and sorted it out.

“Because Hikaru and Kaoru are starting this year and I want you to look after them.” She said, opening the curtain while I was checking my hair. I walked out and twirled.

“But why do we have to look after them?! It’ll be our first day too!” Akira moaned.

“I want you to look after each other! Besides, you’ll make plenty of friends, Hikaru and Kaoru are joining that so called host club with that Tamaki Suoh aren’t they?”

“Oh Yeah, that’s right. But why did you bring that up?” I nodded.

“I want you to go with them!”

“WHAT?! But it’s a HOST club! Full of swooning girls! There’s no way I’m going!” Akira yelled, outraged by the thought of having to be in a room full of ‘obnoxious’ girls.

“Come on Akki! It can’t be that bad! There’s bound to be at least SOME guys there?” I tried to comfort her while staring at myself in this dress, liking it more and more by the second.

“Okay. Fine! There better be, or-“Akira started

“Or what?” Mother stared at her.

“Or she’ll….. Have a tantrum!” I covered for her, not my first time, and when
mother turned to me, Akira gave me a ‘what?!’ look, and I just shrugged when mother looked back to her.

“Never mind, you’re going! Both of you. Now take those dresses off so I can pay for them and get back home! Your brothers are home alone and I can’t help but think something is going to go horribly wrong!” Mother said as she walked out of the changing rooms and into the rest of the shop.

“Urgh, I hate this frilly thing!” Akira groaned and slipped her dress off, putting her black jeans and red t-shirt, with a panda on it, back on.

“It’s not THAT bad!” I said as I took my dress off and put the short pink dress I had on earlier. We both walked back out into the shop and handed the dresses to our mother who paid quickly then rushed us back into the car. Just before the car had been parked we saw there was already a car outside our house.

“I wonder who that is..” I thought to myself as we walked into the house and shut the door behind us.

“Go put these dresses in your room!” Mother handed me the bag and walked into the kitchen, I shrugged and me and akira walked up the stairs to see a small blonde boy holding a rabbit toy.

“You must be Aki-chan and Natsu-chan! Hika-chan and Kao-chan told me all about you! You’re starting Ouran academy tomorrow right?” He smiled at us.

“Y-Yes. We’re going to be third years..” I said, thinking this boy was just someone Hikaru and Kaoru met on the street.

“Wow! Me too! I’m Honey!”

“You’re a Third year?!” Akira yelled.

“Yes!” he smiled, as a very tall boy came up behind him.

“Mitskune, what are you doing?” the boy said, in a very deep voice.

“Takashi! I’m just talking to Hiku-chan and Kao-chan’s older sisters!”

Thats all i've been able to think of so far :) so i'm gonna let snapeskindagirl write when they meet kyouya and that ;D haha, i'm really sorry its so short, and i hope ya like the name :) it means Unknown Love, its just something i came up with XD haha, well thats all really.

Emi OUT~

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