The secret of Sarah H S -Harry Potter

The secret of Sarah H S -Harry Potter

It's my first ever story. I don't know how this will go. I just can't let go of the Potter series.... If there ever was to be a mysterious character in Harry Potter it would be Sarah H S. She is one of a kind. She stays to herself most of the time. Entering Hogwarts she will have a refreshing life. Making friends for the first time in her life. Getting close to people she least expected. But she has a past and a secret she doesn't want to share. Why doesn't she want to reveal it? Will she ever?

Chapter 1

The Hogwarts Express

Sitting by the coach window staring outside, Sarah wonders if she did the right thing in choosing to enter Hogwarts. But she had to....She couldn't imagine being out of Hogwarts. But she was not sure how she could handle it . Whatever was the consequence she should stick to Hogwarts. This was her only chance......she couldn't let it go, she should just....... Her thoughts are interrupted by the coach door opening.
Two girls entered, one with a curly brown hair and the other with red. The red haired girl looked worried. "Honestly! Those guys will have it from me this time. What do they think of themselves!!!! Missing the train! Whatever are they going to do", said the brown haired girl. They dint seem to have noticed that the coach was already occupied at first...then the brown haired girl noticed Sarah. "Umm... Hello! Sorry we dint notice you were already here. If you would rather be left alone...?", she asked. "No That's fine I don't mind",replied Sarah and went back to looking out of the window. The red haired girl looking at Sarah curiously asked,"You are a first year right?" "Yes. And you..?" "Oh I am in first year too. Ginny Weasley and you are?", saying so she extended her hand. Sarah looked at her with a cold face and said "Sarah" without extending her hand and looked at the brown haired girl. "Oh..I am Hermione Granger. Are you alright? You seem worried?" she asked. "It's just nothing", she replied and turned to the window again. Hermione exchanged looks with Ginny and they both sat down opposite to Sarah. Ginny looking at her tried to start the conversation again"I saw you at Diagon Alley. You were..." "Yes I was. I was shopping by myself. Mother couldn't make it into there. And i did pretty well myself. She couldn't have helped me more with it anyway, she a Muggle", she said in a rough voice. Hermione hurriedly started "We dint mean to offend you we just...." "No no I mean I am sorry I din't mean it that way I have not had people talking to me like this before... It's like.... well i am just a little tensed about attending Hogwarts That's it", she said. Before she could say anything the door opened again "Hello girls Did you hear Harry and Ron are on way to Hogwarts by dad's car. Blimey! wish we had missed the train", said one of the twins who had entered. "What!!!!" said the girls together. "They are so dead",said Hermione. "Potter in car?" repeated Sarah. "Who are you?” asked one of the twins. " Sarah She's with me", said Ginny. "Oh look Fred our sisters already got a partner. We get to play double pranks", said one. "Right George. We can't let them outsmart us. Dear sissy we dint ask you who she was.Anyways Sarah we would be happy to have you in our House.”, said Fred.” Which is it?” asked Sarah. "Gryffindor", they said.” No I would like to be in Slytherin", she said smiling

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