The Boys Who Loved (A DOUBLE Hogwarts Love Story)

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Chapter 39

New Guests & Good News

"Like I was saying, the castle will not only be home to you, students. But guests from all around." Dumbledore explained.
"What's he going on about, I don't get it." Ron whispered, confused. We shrugged our shoulders before returning our attention back to Dumbledore.
"I'm very excited to announce that Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry will be hosting the annual Triwizard Tournament!" he declared.
Loud sounds of applause erupted.
"What?" Rynn asked.
"For those how do not know, the Triwizard Tournament is a competition, between three schools, each offering a student. Those three students compete against one another in tasks. The one who completes the tasks the best is the winner." Dumbledore explained.
"Oh, sounds cool." Rynn said.
"So without further ado, everyone join me in welcoming the lovely ladies of Beaxbatons and their Headmistress, Madam Maxine!" Dumbledore announced.
Just then, the doors of the hall opened loudly. Floating into the room, the students wearing their light blue silk uniforms, seemed to walk on air as they entered. The gorgeous teens walked lightly to the front. Boys stared in hope and lust, while girls looked with discouragement and jealuosy.
"Bloody hell," Ron whispered, shocked and staring as the girls passed.
"Ron!" Hermione cried, smacking his arm.
"Oh please, I hate them already..." I admitted quietly.
Harry only smiled and held Rynn's hand reassuringly at her cautious look. Awe, how cute!
I turned to look at Seamus, hoping for a sweet gesture like Harry's. What I saw was him, looking the same like the other boys, single or not, at the girls. His eyes wide, a foolish grin on his lips, unaware of the people around him. Those people being his girlfriend or not.
"Uh hem," I cleared my throat dramatically. "Seamus, you might want to close your mouth. Wouldn't want to catch on flies while your staring at their arses, now would you?"
"Wha-Woah, that's one big woman!" Seamus exclaimed suddenly.
I turned to see their Headmistress, I presumed, striding in. She was, indeed, one big woman! Her and Hagrid would compete with eachother in height! With an intimidating, yet smug look on her face, their Headmistress finally arrived to the Head Table in her dramatic manner.
"Atleast now I can finally stop watching my boyfriend stare at other girls arses." I pouted, crossing my arms.
"I was not staring at their arses!" Seamus defended himself.
"Tell that to the drool running out of your mouth," Dean snickered.
"Now, please welcome the other school particapating in the Tournament, Durmstrang. And their Headmaster, Igor Karkaroff!" Dumbledore greeted Madam Maxine then turned towards the door, awaiting another dramatic entrance.
In walked the students of Durmstrang, all seemingly cold and strong. Marching to the front, whispers ran throughout he tables as the Headmaster entered near the end. I front of him, was none other than Krum, famous wizard world Seeker.
"It's Krum!" Rynn excitedly whispered to us.
"Ooh la la!" I joked.
"So you can stare at hunky guys now?" Seamus asked.
"This is different!" I whispered sharply back.
"No it's not!" he replied.
"Just shut up mate. Sam doesn't budge in arguements." Dean informed him, Neville nodding agressively beside him.
"Wonderful! Now that all the particapating schools have been introduced, and I know many of you are patiently awaiting the Feast," Rynn raised an eyebrow at me."Eat away!"
"YAY! You rock Dumbledore!" I cheered, rather loudly, but not noticed by any table besides our own. To which the Gryffindors laughed at my need for the delicious, magical food.
"What are we going to do with you, Sam?" Harry asked and shook his head in disbelief.
"I missed the food here so much!" I sighed with delight, shoveling some more of the tasty pudding into my mouth.
"Are you sure you missed the food, or just me?" Seamus smirked.
"Shut it, leprachaun." I tried hiding my smile and scooped up some more pudding.
"Anyway, how was everyone's summer?" Rynn brightened the mood.
"Pretty borin'. The twins played alot of funny pranks though. That was loads of fun!" Ron said. He was eating his food by the mouthful, it seemed.
"I spent most of my time catching up on the text-books and such." Hermione said dryly.
"How bout you, Harry?" Rynn asked.
"Uh, good. Hard time sleeping alot. But same like all my summers." he stated.
"How come?" she asked, genuinely concerned.
"I'll, uh, tell you later." Harry tol her. I shrugged it off.
"My summer was good. Saw this git here a few times. Even had some, family stay with us." I said, giving Rynn a smile, and she returned it.
"And you Neville?" she questioned.
"Oh, good I guess but then there was this one thing-"
"Attention students! Attention! I would like to say a word." Dumbledore spoke, loud.
"Sorry Neville, tell us later, kay?" I smiled sweetly at his dejected look before turning back around.
"Eternal glory! That's what awaits the student who wins The Triwizard Tournament, but to do this, that student must survive three tasks. Three extremely dangerous tasks." Dumbledore spoke solemenly.
Only then did I notice the large, shining structure he was leaning on, it being taller than him. It had caught just about everyone's interest. The shiny ouside apparel made it seem like it was merely a decoration, but why would they randomly just put a decoration in here?
"For safety reasons, there has been a grand rule change in the Tournament's participants. Here to explain this rule, is Barty Crouch Sr., Head of the Department of International Magical Cooperation." he stepped back to reveal the man in qestion.
"What do you think the rule is, do you suppose?" I whispered to Rynn. She shrugged with an interested glint in her eye.
"After much deliberation, for the safety of everyone, it has been decided that no-one under the age of seventeenis to enter for the Tournament." Crouch announced.
"/WHAT?/" I screamed, standing out of my seat.
The rest of the room erupted with chants of 'Boo's!' and 'Rubbish!' from those unabl to enter now.
"That's bloody ridiculous!" Seamus exclaimed.
"Quiet! Quiet! Ms. McCartney, please sit." Dumbledore coaxed.
I relucantly sat with my arms crossed and a blush creeping up.
With a flick of his wand, the once shiny stucture was melting away from next to Dumbledore. In it's place now stood a flaming goblet.
"The Goblet of Fire. Anyone willing, and permitted, to put their name in the cup, simply put their name on a piece of parchment. You must do say before his hour tomorrow. Do not do this lightly. If chosen, there is no turning back. As of now, The Triwizard Tournament has begun." Dumbledore declared.
"Sam, can I have a word?" Rynn said to me as we were shuffling out of the hall and back to our Common Rooms once again.
"Sure Rynn. But make it quick, I have an Irish boyfriend I should be yelling at." I joked. She smiled greatly, looked around, then pulled me away from everyone else.
"Well, I have some news. Some great news!" she said. By now, she was grinning like crazy.
"Alright, what is it?" I promptly asked.
"You remember the letter you gave me? From my Mum?" Rynn asked.
"Well, in the letter, she said she was pregnant!" she squealed.
"What? How come I didn't know? I mean, it's not lke we live under the same roof or anything." I said sarcastically.
"No offense, Sam, but she kinda told Sirius and Tonks. And you aren't always a very good secret keeper." Rynn reasoned.
"I am too!" I responded.
" As long as you don't go and tell anyone else, I won't ever say that about you again. Deal?" she said.
"Deal. Now let's get back to the Common Room. I'm tired, happy and frustrated all at the same time."
"Honestly guys, think it's good they put an age limit on the Tournament." Hermione said reasonably."
"That's only because you wouldn't have wanted to enter in the first place! But the rest of us here would've!" I debated back.
"Speak for yourself." Neville grumbled, sitting at one end of the couch.
"Yeah, I see Hermione's point. It sounds extremely dangerous. They're just trying to keep us safe." Rynn reasoned. Her and Harry were holding hands, using the front of the couch for back support.
"It would've been alot of fun though! Eternal glory..." Ron trailed off.
"I wouldn't mind showing off my amazing skills 'ither." Seamus grinned. The two of us were snuggled up on the love seat.
"You know what I just thought of? Irish people have funny accents!" Rynn giggled. Seamus and I looked at each other before facepalming.
"Makin fun of our accents, now are ya?" I joked.
"Not at all! They're just so cool! Like how you said arses earlier and the way you finsh your sentences an octive higher than before. They're so cute! I wish I had an Irish accent." she pouted.
"I just learned more about how I talk than ever before." Seamus realized.
"Ha ha! See? Hear that you guys?" Rynn pleaded with the rest of our group.
"Sure. Rynn, did you have some of that frosted cake at the Feast?" Harry asked like he was talking to a child.
"Yeah, but just a little. Maybe one...two....five slices. But they were really tiny!" Rynn reassured him.
"And this is why we never give Rynn sugary treats." I concluded.
"But sugar tastes so good!" she whined.
"I'll remember that." Harry said.
"Hey, you two!" Rynn skipped over to our seat.
"Yes?" we asked together.
"Your both so Irishy and have such cool accents! Then, one day, you'll have adorable little munchkins with Irishy names and they'll have even cooler Irish accents! Won't that be so coooolllll?" Rynn told us. She didn't wait for a response from us before she pranced about the room.
"And that's our cue to leave." I sighed. "Come on, Rynn. Time for bed."
"But I'm not tired!" she whined.
"Too bad. G'night boys!" I waved.
"Night, love." Seamus called.
"Night, Seamy." I grinned at him.
Grabbing my best friend's arm, I pulled her to our dorm.
In the blink of an eye, she fell asleep before her head even hit the pillow. I sighed.
"G'night, Rynn."

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