The Boys Who Loved (A DOUBLE Hogwarts Love Story)

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Chapter 38

The Letter

I woke up very early the day we had to leave for Hogwarts. Much earlier, in fact, than was even necessary. 
I rolled over onto my side, the bed groaning under my weight.
After a half an hour or so, when I knew there was no hope of going back to sleep, I quietly tip-toed down stairs, doing my very best not to hit anything.
I went out of the door, down to a meadow not far at all from the tall house, I could still see it clearly.
I layed down on the grass, looking up at the stars, and saw that it was a full moon. I could still hear Professor Lupin's howl, replaying itself in my mind.
I bit my lip, willing myself not to cry.
A lot had changed since before last year. Samantha and I had basically traded our group of friends. I hung out a lot more with Ron, Hermione, and, of course, Harry. 
Samantha was always with Seamus, obviously, Dean, and Neville.
There were obvious reasons that Seamus and I didn't talk anymore, even though we declared ourselves friends again at the end of last year.
Dean and I were never really close, I was only friends with him because Seamus and I were friends.
Neville, though, with everything that happened last year, we kind of drifted apart. 
I missed Neville. He was my first friend, and he knew everything about me. He knew that I had a huge crush on Harry, and that my dad hated me. He and Samantha were the only people I could talk to about anything. 
I missed Neville's hugs and his comforting  words when the topic of my mother came up, and I, at the time, had know idea why she left, or where she went. 
I found out last year, though, that she and Sirius Black were framed for the murder of Peter Pettigrew, who was actually alive as Ron's pet rat, Scabbers.
I cursed him in my mind.
If you would ask me if I really, really hate anyone, it would be him. He was the reason for my misery for the past thirteen years. He's the reason my mum's still on the run. And he's the reason my boyfriend's parents are dead.
Harry and I should have allowed Remus, Sirius and mum kill him when they got the chance.
I then silently cried for about an hour before going back to the house, and getting ready to go back to Hogwarts.
I trudged downstairs after getting dressed and packing my things. I wore a beige sweater with a dark red tank top underneath, and dark skinny jeans. I pulled my hair into a side braid, and I couldn't help but notice that things were getting a little blurrier lately. Maybe I needed glasses.
I found Harry sitting at the table with Ron and Hermione. I sat next to Harry. He looked over and smiled. "Morning."
"Morning." I replied, smiling too.
He played with my fingers absent-mindedly on the table while Ron and Hemione argued over something completely ridiculous.
My stomach seemed to do three somer-saults, while I bit my lip and smiled at our hands. 
I had the most perfect boyfriend ever.
I opened my letter from Mum when I got back to my compartment and read through it. I gasped loudly and started to bounce up and down in my seat. "Oh my god, yes, yes, yes!" I shoved the letter in Harry's lap. "Harry, read it!"
He read through it, a smile widening on his face. "Whoa." He said loudly, and in wonder, Looking up at me. Hermione grabbed the letter from Harry. Harry and I hugged each other, and I laughed in joy. 
"I don't believe it!" exclaimed Hermione. She read it aloud for Ron to hear.

"Dear Rynn,
I've really missed you lately. If you haven't figured it out yet, Sirius and I have been together for quite a while. We love each other. And I have news for you, good news actually: I'm pregnant! 
I have known for a while, three months to be exact.
I hope you're not upset about anything. I didn't think you'd mind. 
I haven't told Samantha yet, I've only told Sirius and Dora. You're free to tell Sam, and Harry if you'd like, but just don't throw it around; We can't have it out that you're in contact with me.
The baby's due around the Holidays so maybe you'll be there when it's born.
I love you so much,
Mum." She sqealed when she was finished reading.
"Bloody hell!" said Ron weakly. "She's- she's pregnant!" 
"I hope it's a boy." I said dreamily, swaying back and forth. 
We started to talk animately about the upcoming baby, until the train stopped at Hogwarts. 
But, sadly, I forgot to change into my school robes before we got off the train.
"Well, well, well." said a drawling voice when I walked into the Great Hall. I recognized it as Snape's. "Looks like your celebrity boyfriend is rubbing off on you, Mrs. Sheafer. Decided to make an entrance by wearing those Muggle clothes? That's ten points from Gryffindor, now go to the bathroom and put on the proper. Uniform.
I opened my mouth to protest but quickly closed it, and decided upon a death glare instead. I stormed off, and went to go change into my robes.
"Students, this year, the castle will not only be home to ourselves but to some very special guests as well-"
But there was a great clap of thunder as the enchanted ceiling turned to a stormy view. A man had walked in through the large wooden doors. I nudged Samantha, who was staring into space, most likely daydreaming about food. She hissed, "What?"
I pointed toward the man. He had scraggly greyish hair and his face was very gross looking. There was a large chunk out of his nose and one of his eyes were large and bright blue and whizzing around in it's socket while the other was small, beady, black and moved normally. He had a limp to his walk.
Samantha gasped and sat up, pulling her head off of Seamus' shoulder. "Merlin's beard! That's Mad-Eye Moody! I know him. He was an Auror, Tonks knows him. He's been over for dinner a few times, he used to scare me though, I stayed up in my room when he was over. Wonder why he's here..." 
"I think I know." I told her.
"Defence Against the Dark Arts teacher." I replied.
"Of course!" She said excitedly.
"Now, once McCartney and Sheafer are finished talking, I will continue." said Dumbledore's calm and friendly voice. We both blushed violently and fixed our gazes on our empty plates. There were a few snickers from the Slytherin table. 
I kept gazing at the strange man when Dumbledore continued.

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