The Boys Who Loved (A DOUBLE Hogwarts Love Story)

PrincessWeasley and Weasley_Twins_4Eva are proud to present....The Boys Who Loved. *applause* Thank you! Thank you!

Chapter 3


"I've seen him around, I think." Samantha made a thoughtful expression. She gave a look that cartoons made when the little lightbulb appeared above their heads. "Oh, you're the kid Snape hates, right?" She asked Neville. Samantha stuck out her hand so Neville could shake it.
"That's me." Neville mumbled.
Samantha's pretty green eyes were comically wide. "I'm am sooo sorry Neville." She said, while Neville took her hand and she shook it hard; Neville's arm flopped up and down like he was doing the wave. I bit my lip to keep from laughing.
"Eh, it's alright." Neville said quietly, blushing.
"Oh, guys, I've got to go, the Weasleys are here. Oh, here comes Ron now.." Samantha started walking towards him. She looked over her shoulder and called to me: "Sit with me on the train, Rynn!" before breaking into a jog. Neville was still blushing. I elbowed him on the arm.
"Let's go- Seamus!" I ran at Seamus and tackled him too.
"Bloody Hell, Rynn!" He shouted.
I pulled back and grinned teasingly at him.
"You know you love it."
I grabbed his arm and pulled him to Neville.
They only acted this way because I was their friend, otherwise, they don't usually talk. Seamus doesn't really like Neville.
We were in our first year. Neville came hopping into the Great Hall.
I was sitting between Seamus and Samantha. Ron, Harry, and Hermione were across from us.
"Who do you suspect?" Ron whispered to Harry.
"Malfoy." Harry murmured back.
"Neville," Ron said gaping at Neville. "You have got to start standing up for yourself!"
Seamus hopped up and pulled out his wand. "Stand back; I know the countercurse."
"Oh wow," scoffed Neville. "That's the last thing I need: You blowing my bloody kneecaps off!"
"I don't appreciate the insenuation (sp?), Longbottom. And, if anyone has cared to notice," Seamus pointed at his forehead and gave Neville a smart look, "My eyebrows have grown back!" He stormed off. Despite the hilarity of it all, they were never the same.
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