The Boys Who Loved (A DOUBLE Hogwarts Love Story)

PrincessWeasley and Weasley_Twins_4Eva are proud to present....The Boys Who Loved. *applause* Thank you! Thank you!

Chapter 1

Inroducing Rynn (PrincessWeasley)

Rynn Sheafer
Dirty-Blonde Hair, straight, with bangs.
Wand- Elm, Pheonix Tail Feather, 12 1/5 in., flexible.
Blue Eyes.

It was midnight. I was sitting up in bed, reading Hogwarts: A History. It was one of the only connections I had to magic here. I'd also keep wizard pictures under my pillow. My favorite was a picture of my best friend, Samantha, and I. We were in the Gryffindor common room. She was waving her arms over her head in triumph; our quidditch team won. It was the game when Harry caught the snitch in his mouth.
Sigh. Harry. I' fancied him since 2nd year. He barely noticed me though. He was always glued to Hermione and Ron. Even Sam hung out with them. They were practically joined at the hip.
My owl, Serenity, hooted loudly for no reason. "Shhh!" I hissed at her. "You might wake dad.."
She'd wake him and his stupid cat food company. He barely had time for me before I was a witch. Now, he just ignored me.
Despite writing to Sam, Neville, and Seamus all summer, I still felt lonely in this big, empty house.
That's why I couldn't wait for the next morning, when my Hogwarts letter was sure to arrive.
"Rynn, your letter's here!" My dad shouted from the kitchen. I held back a screech, and ran to the kitchen. My dad had already left, but it barely fazed me. I skipped to the little grey owl perched upon our granite counter.
"Hey, little guy," I said quietly, patting the owl on the head. I gently detached the letter and read it over and over.
"Bye, dad." I called half-heartedly, like I was actually sad to leave him. I really couldn't wait.
I pushed my cart towards the train,but saw Neville, and ran towards him instead. I hugged (well, actually, kind of attacked) him. He almost fell, but he caught himself. "Are you trying to kill me?" He managed to sputter out.
I pulled back and smiled at him. "No, not yet." I teased. Neville look...older. Pretty handsome, really, but I wasn't going to admit that.
"What luck have you had with that Monster Book of Monsters?" He asked conversationally.
I laughed. "You stroke the spine, Neville."
"Oh," He looked embarrased. That was when Samantha came running towards us, smiling.

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