If I wasnt already crazy, loving you would make me. (Emmett Cullen Love)

If I wasnt already crazy, loving you would make me. (Emmett Cullen Love)

I love Emmett Cullen, and i have read loads off these so i wanted to make one of my own.
Your name is Kenzi, you have white hair, bright green eyes and pale skin. U are 17 years old.
You live at Roosevelt Asylum for the mentally insane.

Chapter 1

A different approach (Emmetts POV)

Alice came into the room today when i was wrestling with Jasper, she stood there and watched us for a while before Jazz stoped and went over to her.
"Wats wrong little sis?" I ask. throwing an arm over her shoulder.
"Emmett could you please give me and Jasper some time to talk" "Sure, not like i cant hear you anyway" grinning i walk out of the room. The smile immediatly slips off my face when i walk into the loungeroom to see the family pic we have hanging on the wall, Rose's beautiful face smiles at me. Oh my Angel, why did you have to leave. She left last year with some guy she met, a distant relative of an old friend. Alice and Jasper come back into the room, calling out for Carlisle, Esme, Edward and Bella. Im already in the room and Renesmee is at Jake's.
"Okay, so um, im going to go to the old asylum where i was institutionized when i was human to see if i recognize anything or if i can remember anything" she pauses and Jasper, grabs her hand supportively.
"And i was hoping you guys would come with me" she says in a rush. A corus of 'of course we will' echo's around the room, alice smiles and looks like she's gonna cry.
So here we are, im driving my big jeep and we are on our way to Roosevelt Asylum for the Mentally Insane. Its pristine and white inside. Carlisle introduces himself as Dr. Carlisle Cullen and they let us in saying they have an opportunity for him.
He intoduces us all and i wave when he says my name. We walk down the halls as the Head of the Institute explains their idea to Carlisle.
"Some of the patients here are not taking well to the treatments, especially some of the younger ones" he explains " So we have come up with a different approach, we think that if a patient is sent to a welcoming, home-like environment that there menta; sanity might renturn and they will be able to function in the everyday world, we have heard of you Dr. Cullen, u have great recommendations and we were just going to contact u to see if u would like to be part of the project" Alice and Jasper are ahead of us looking around, Jasper and edward have pained expresssions on their faces. Bella is trying to comfort Edward. Esme slows down to meet back with me.
"Are you alright Emmett?" she asks, laying a hand on my arm.
"Sure mom, im fine" we listen back to what the man is saying to Carlisle.
"You can choose one of the patients to take home with you and see how they adapt, they will continue to use there medicine and have monthly visits. And if there is no immprobement they can be brought back" he says. Carlisle nods and glances back at Esme.
We round the next corner and i freeze. God, if my heart could beat, well it wouldve stopped beating. Becasue right there in front of me is possible the most beautiful girl I've ever seen. Even more so than Rosalie. Her bright green eyes and pink lips are set in her pale face. Her White hair swings around her face. Oh, She is so Beautiful and she's wearing a straight-jacket...

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