Deidara love story

Deidara love story

Hey my name is emma im a leaf nin my mom is tsunade my dad died from the unforgivable curse (sp) im the best nin they got but I moved to another village cuz of my ex sasuke he cheated on me with ino I can change into any kind of animal and I can change my appearance but I prefer moms blonde hair and my pretty green eyes im also a werewolf I have my own pack 3 girls and 4 guys im the alpha and my uncle is paul and my cousin is hinata im 1 in fighting for my village and im a famous dancer

Chapter 1

Leaf village

I smiled training my pack were at the beach "lady emma ur mother requests to see u" a blackops said "okay" I said "leave" I said walking away he left I walked over "were taking a trip" I said smiling "good" my beta wendy said I smiled we walked off packing the guys came in "pack" I said they nodded I got a shower my wardrobe changed I used to wear baggy stuff I put on short shorts "JESSY" I yelled she threw me a top I editted it It was strapless it was a punk rock shirt I slipped it on putting in my stomach peircing and my snake bites I put on some new boots I brushed out my hair wendy did it I put on makeup and hid my weapons on me I put on lipgloss I walked down "dressing up for ur ex" tera said "h(blank)ll naw im dressing up to show him he cheated on this chicka" I said they smiled we walked out we sunk in our shadows me my arms crossed I breezed in "stop" a nin said I had him on the ground kunai to his throat I used to be the weakling now im stronger I smiled "im sorry lady emma" he said shaking I let him go "u should be" I said wendy laughed we walked through we went to moms office I knocked "come in" she said we walked in "whos that" sasuke said starring "uh yall dont remember emma" mom said I turned their jaws dropped "thats emma" sasuke said in disbleif "mmhmm" wendy said I smiled "hinata-chan" I said hugging her she smiled "thats so not emma" sasuke said "well I am liar so hows the sl I mean ino" I said ino glared "HA SHUT UP WEAKLING" she yelled "heh I have changed chicka" I said smiling "u wanna prove urself" mom asked "oh yeah" I said she threw me my headband I caught it "look emma I missed u will u stay" mom asked I nodded "fine u will be fighting hmm ino" mom said I smirked "whenever ur ready" I said "im ready" she said "see u at the training feild" I said diving out thr window I landed my pack smiled jumping out we walked to the training feild "kick her a(blank)s" jack said "I was planning to" I said my pack grinned I listened to my ipod she walked over I smiled walking to my spot she charged I dodged rolling my eyes I smiled we did taijutsu I kicked her she skidded back I smiled she did shadow clone jutsu "wolf shadow clone jutsu" I said wolfs multlpied it fought inos clones I darted to her I smiled flipping off her back we fought more I kicked her she grabbed my foot I kicked her with the other one I landed smiling she glared we kept fighting "ha shes gonna lose" sasuke said I grinned "release" I said jack smiled "here she goes" tera said they looked at them I was in mylgensha master outfit I landed I looked up "byakugan" I said they looked so shocked we kept fighting I used rasengan and chidori together I smiled she looked scared it hit I grinned she still stood I dropkicked her she stumbled I was behind her kunai to her throat they looked so shocked "weak ino" I said walking over "ILL SHOW U WEAK U LITTLE LOSERL she screamed I grabbed her hand turned I smiled "IM SORRY STOP IT HURTS" she yelled I threw her "were done here" I muttered looking down I had the 10 demon in me nobody knew only mom we walked off "emma" naruto yelled I stopped "what happened to u" he said tears fell they noticed I kept walking "she got her heart ripped out" jessy said we walked off we sat in the ramen shop I looked out the window "chunin exams are coming up" neji said sitting by me "I know I basically came back for mom and the chunin exams" I said he chuckled I smiled the others came in as I was talking to tera I laughed she giggled "can we sit" sasuke asked I looked down "yes" aven said I elbowed him he laughed I grinned sasuke glared at aven I looked out we walked out I leaned against a wall when some guy picked up konohamaru I watched grinning I glared "put him down" naruto yelled I watched of course sasuke had to be the hero I sat in a tree I hung down "so em u gonna get a tattoo" wendy asked "duh" I said grinning when jack knocked me down "uncool" I whined he chuckled I glared and thewhen he went to walk away I jumped on his back he laughed I grinned wendy laughed "thats my bf get ur own" jessy whined "fine I will" I said we all laughed I got down we joked around I was talking to wendy I nodded we walked off we ran in a music store we tried out the imstruments jack sang into a mic bvb us girls swung our hair he laughed the guys played aven threw me a guitar I flipped on playing jessy played bass the others were doing backround I played ppl crowed inside I smiled I did the guitar solo when the nin showed their jaws dropped I laughed we stopped and walked out joking "haha jessy I saw some girls checking jack outtt" I said jessy looked like imma f(blank)k em up I grinned laughing jack rolled his eyes "WELL I am hot" jack said "sure u are" we all said he glared we laughed we sat at the park talking "u were all like YEAH CHECK ME OUT" I said "true" jessy said I laughed nodding "shut up" wendy said "emma u were like KISS MY PUNK ROCK "language jessy" aven said she stuck her tonge out we all laughed "heh nice playing" we looked I rolled my eyes "whatever" I said we kept talking I smacked jack "we all crashed that party" wendy said "yeah jack u and jessy were making out I was smacking guys a(blank)ses and flirting aven and wendy were grinding zack u were upstairs messing with ppl and emma was dancing on tables drinking beer and guys were grinding on her" tera said "I REMEBER we had major hangovers we had it for 5 days" zack said I nodded laughing "that was a great party" I said "ikr" wendy said we all laughed sasuke looked "GUYS WERE DOING WHAT" sasuke yelled "why do u care" I said to him he looked down "I dont" he muttered we stood walking to my house we went to bed I woke early i put on a white mini skirt and a long skirt that had a slit showing my mini skirt I smiled it also had a wolf on it I put on the ninja boots tera made me i put on a cameo bra top that showed all my stomach I also put on a choker necklace like my headband I did my hair in a updo I put on makeup I put on lipgloss smiling I strapped on my pouch and walked down tera nodded "made the necklace myself" I said we walked out us girls we walked in "ha someones already bailing" some dude said I smirked "baka" I said we went to the real chunin exams we sat talking then I noticed temari "temari" I yelled she looked and ran over she hugged me "omg we havent seen u in a while em" she said "been around" I said gaara sat kit with him kankuro sat down I looked down tera noticed she elbowed jessy I blushed looking down sakura sat kankuro starred at me me and sakura talked I grinned "so after the chunin exams right em" wendy said I grinned "totally" I said we highfived "what yall doing after" kit asked tera whispered what "im in" kit said we all grinned talking about it wendy told the nin girls they were in to "ha I know the best place" temari said "sweet" tenten said sitting we all giggled soon we took our chunin exams aliko told me the anwsers I set my pencil down nobody finished yet but me soon enough I raised my head "u all passed the exam" he said i grinned we stood walking to a forest I was on sakura's team we walked in (sasuke wont leave) I stole neji's stroll soon we were at the meeting spots everyone was here I highfived sakura we walked into this lil fighting arena we had to fight to get to the finals I watched sasuke's match soon enough I was going against a sound nin I walked down I had her pinned in 6 mins "weak" i muttered breaking her arm I walked up nd stood there it was over we walked out pumped us girls followed temari we sat in the tattoo shop it was my turn I had picked a wolf on my stomach followed by wolf paws it was gonna be on my b(blank)bs when it was done I walked out we covered it we all giggled "omg I love urs temari" I said she grinned "lets go over my house the guys will be there they will freak" Temari said we all grinned we walked in talking about it sure enough all the nin guys were in there game room we layed in temaris room I showed mine the girls all grinned the guys walked by as I showed it to they did a double take "WHAT THE F(blank)K EMMA" sasuke yelled I laughed grinning the girls showed theres they all yelled at us I talked to temari about my snakebites "ARE YALL EVEN LISTENING TO US" gaara yelled "are we supposed to" kit asked "YES" gaara yelled "HA HA ADMIT IT U LIKE IT" kit yelled he starred "OMG HE TOTALLY DOES" jessy yelled we all looked I was laughing I listened to kelis as they yelled I blasted it on temari's sterio "look I can belly dance" I said I bellyy danced kankuro and sasuke starred tera joined me I shook my hips like shakira kit cheered I laughed sitting down kit pulled me up we did a s(blank)y dance routine I dropped low shaking my hip "I TAUGHT U THAT" jessy yelled jack looked he raised his eyebrows she did it with me I stood doing my own move we sat down laughing they left

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