One-Shots I'll Write As a Cure For Boredom.

They'll be Hunger Games, Harry Potter, Starkid, Avatar: The Last Airbender, etc. I'm super bored, so yeah. :)

Chapter 2

The Following Is What Would Happen if StarKid Came To Greenville:

"HOLY SHI-" I cut myself off, remembering I was at home. "SHIITAKE MUSHROOMS!" I yelled instead, staring obsessively at my computer. Under my email, the YouTube notification read:

New video from StarkidPotter. Our StarKid Tour! Featuring places like Florida, Kansas, and South Carolina! Click here to watch.

Ho-ly crap. And what's more, Darren Criss would be there, having a break from Glee. Now, I must admit, I squealed like a fangirl. I might've even gone off on a Joey Richter rant, but my parents had probably already heard my near-swear.

"MOM!" I yelled down the stairs.

"Yes?" she called.

"STARKID'S COMING TO THE BI-LO CENTER! I HAVE TO GO! I'LL DIE IF I DON'T!" (The Bi-lo Center is where all the concerts take place in Greenville.)


My mouth fell open. "Who?! Only the most ingenious comical theatre company in the history of forever! It has Darren Criss, y'know, Blaine from Glee? And Joey Richter, and Brian Holden, and Joe Moses-"

"I don't watch Glee, honey."

"Can I gooooo? Pleeeeaaase?"

"You have money. I want a friend to go with you, though."

I groaned. None of my friends like StarKid. (Insane, right?) I could convince Laura to go, she at least watches Glee and would be excited to meet Darren. . . .

I grabbed my phone and texted her. When she didn't reply within twenty seconds, I called her. "GRACEANNE! I was about to call you. Calm down, woman."


"DUH! Is Glee coming here?!"

"No, actually StarKidPotter."


I giggled. "Silly Laura! They're a theatre company . . . WITH DARREN CRISS! And I can meet Joey Richter and maybe even touch his crooked jaw! I bet people line up to touch it to rid themselves of disease, like the Bible lady who touched Jesus' robes."

"Hey, this isn't Bible class." We groaned in unison, then burst out laughing,

"So are you coming?!"

"I guess.... I can say I met Blaine Anderson!"

"Yay for you! And I can say I touched Joey's magical jaw!"

"You're a weird child, GraceAnne."

"Hey, how many people can say they have a unicorn named Mitch? ME! So stick that in your pipe and blow it!"

"Alright... I have to.... Go."

"Goodbye, my Twilight Buddy, Locker Buddy, Glee Buddy, and Half-Harry Potter Buddy!" I chanted, hanging up.

I heard the door beep, and assumed Mom had left. So, I let out a long scream which I think caused my cat to piss a little on the carpet.


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