One-Shots I'll Write As a Cure For Boredom.

They'll be Hunger Games, Harry Potter, Starkid, Avatar: The Last Airbender, etc. I'm super bored, so yeah. :)

Chapter 10

Argus Filch and Samantha Norris

"Argus, get out! Leave! I don't want to see your face again!"
Tears streaming down his face, a young Argus Filch runs away from his mother. He isn't wanted. He's a disgrace. A Squib! A bloody Squib, that's what he is!
The Muggles around him stare at him quizzically, but don't chase after him. No one cares about him here. He sprints past the local supermarket, the pet store, and the department store.
Into the forest he runs. The forest is a place the Muggles are too scared to approach. True, there are werewolves, and rumors of vampires and centaurs, but it's relatively harmless if you know what you're doing.
Argus doesn't quit running until he finally trips over a tree root and lands his chin in the mud, splattering it on his face.
"Are you all right?"
The voice startles him. His elbows immediately give way, causing his face to meet the mud once more.
"I'm so sorry! Here, let me help you..."
A warm hand meets his muddy one and yanks him to his feet. He's surprised to see such a small, sweet-looking girl smiling up at him. She's about his age.
"I'm Samantha Norris. Who are you?" she ask curiously, her deep brown eyes studying his dull gray ones.
Argus doesn't answer, merely stares at the odd girl. Her light brown hair is wind blown, and tangled with leaves and sticks. She has the tiniest smudge of dirt underneath her nose. Her clothes are loose, and forest greens, browns, the colors of the earth.
Her head tilts at a funny angle as he studies her. "Hello?"
Argus blinks. "It isn't safe in here," he finally says.
Samantha's hands find her hips. "That wasn't my question. What's your name?"
"A-Argus. Argus Filch. Why are you here? It isn't safe."
She laughs a bit. "I think I'm safe. I'm... different from my family."
She climbs a tree, and helps him up. Argus notices that she's barefoot. This is definitely the oddest girl Argus has ever se
"How so?" Argus asks, settling himself on the branch.
The girls looks at him from underneath her dirty bangs and smiles a bit. She surveys the ground, then the tree, then finally Argus. Her eyes land on Argus' still muddy chin, and she finally grins.
"Watch." She waves her arms around, concentrating, and Argus can feel the mud dripping off of his chin. His eyes widen, and he can't help it.
Pointing an accusatory finger at Samantha, he yells, "You're a witch!"
Her eyebrows furrow. "That's not a very nice thing to say."
"But it's true!" Argus protests. "How old are you?"
"See! When you're eleven, you get to go to Hogwarts!"
"Hogwarts? What is that, a mental institution?" Samantha's face contorts to fear.
"No, no! It's a school! For wizards and witches! You're lucky..." Argus mutters, jumping off the branch.
"Wait! Why are you jealous? How do you know about Hogwarts?"
Argus kicks a rock. "My family. They're wizards and witches. Except me. I'm a Squib."
Samantha, too, jumps down. "A Squib? What's that?"
"A dud. Someone who's born to magical family without magical powers," Argus says bitterly. "I'm a disgrace. That's why Mum kicked me out."
Samantha places a dirt-encrusted hand on Filch's arm. "I know how you feel. Except I'm the opposite. My family kicked me out because they thought I was dangerous. I've been living out here for a week."
"A week?! How have you been surviving?"
She grins. "Easy. Watch this."
And, before Argus' eyes, this girl turns into a beautiful tortoise shell cat. A field mouse runs by, and the cat pounces, but lets it go.
"Doesn't sound very fattening," Argus comments after Samantha changes back. "How did you become an Animagus?"
"An Animagus? What's that?" she asks curiously.
"Someone who can transform into an animal at will. It takes years of practice to accomplish such a feat."
"Oh, I just... I don't know, transformed one day."
Argus stares at the girl longer. "Say, since we both don't have homes now, why don't we live together?"
This question startles her. "But I hardly know you!"
"Think about it. You're a witch. I know most things about magic. When you get your letter for Hogwarts, we can go together. I can ask Dumbledore if I could get a job. Then we can be together."
"Dumbledore?" Samantha asks, scooting closer to Argus.
"The headmaster. He's a very powerful wizard."
Samantha considers this. "Well... All right. We'll try it."
And they shake hands on it.

"Please, Headmaster, I don't have anywhere to go!" Argus begs, with Samantha at his side, staring at her new Ravenclaw emblem and tie.
"Very well. Hogwarts will always be here to welcome you home. You can be a sort of hall monitor. In charge of punishment. Of course, you must clear it with me first, but you may give detentions or other punishments," Dumbledore decides.
"T-thanks you Headmaster!"
"Argus, I don't want any form of leniency, either. Even if your friends get into mischief," Dumbledore says, glancing at Samantha.
Argus nods, his eyes brimming with tears.

A teenaged Argus Filch strolls down the hallway on night patrol. Samantha, now a fourth year, walks with him. As a cat, she's known as Mrs. Norris, and no one knows her true identity.
"Excuse me, Tom, is it?" Argus says, walking up to a Slytherin seventh year. "Mr. Riddle, I'm afraid I'm going to have to write you up. It's past curfew. You have detention tomorrow. Report to Professor Slughorn's office."
"Don't call me Tom," he mutters as he marches towards the dungeons. Argus notices that Samantha has left. He hunts for her, until he notices her in an abandoned classroom.
"Mrs. Norris?" Argus asks.
"It's Samantha now," she says, eyes trained on the floor. She's human now. "I'd better go, if I want sleep," she says, shoving past Argus.
The next night, Argus asks her what the matter with her is.
He gets a cryptic answer: "It's a private matter."
He doesn't question it.

"Are you excited to graduate?" Argus asks Samantha, who is, by now, truly an extraordinary witch.
"I guess. I dunno what I'll do. Maybe hang out with you all night."
Argus knows she doesn't mean it like that, but he begins to get a bit nervous and excited. Ever since her sixth year, he's had a crush on her. But she's grown more melancholy and depressed.
"Samantha... Are you sure you're quite all right?"
"Of course, Argus. I'm fine."
Weeks pass, and Samantha finishes Hogwarts top of her class. One morning, on the first day of the term in fact, word comes to Samantha. Her brothers have been murdered by Lord Voldemort.
Samantha is quiet for a long time, and Argus can't help himself. He grabs her hands and lets his lip find hers. It's a wonderful feeling, for a moment, until her lips turn furry. Samantha is Mrs. Norris.
She drops to the floor, and darts out. Argus can't help but wonder if it was his fault.
He becomes more and more convinced of his guilt as the term progresses with no sign from Mrs. Norris. During the Easter holidays, however, she appears. Not as Samantha, but Mrs. Norris.
She patrols the corridors with Argus just as before, as if nothing had happened. Argus doesn't know whether to be relieved or frightened.
They bust wandering students together, couples snogging, and pranksters, particularly the Weasley twins.
But Mrs. Norris stays Mrs. Norris. Argus hasn't seen Samantha's true face in years. Not even when the Potter boy defeats Voldemort does she change back. No matter how hard Filch tries to coax, press, or force her to change back, she won't.
The only person now who still knows of the cat's true identity is Dumbledore.
One May evening, though, with Dumbledore gone and Severus Snape freshly dead, she stares at Filch with her cat eyes.
He slowly watches them transform into the deep brown eyes he fell in love with. He watches the fur recede from her body. He watches her ears travels back down to where they should be.
He doesn't speak to Samantha. He just hugs her tightly and they cry together.

I was watching Chamber of Secrets today and this came to me. Almost every character we have some sort of background on, except for Filch and Mrs. Norris. So I made one! ^.^

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