One-Shots I'll Write As a Cure For Boredom.

They'll be Hunger Games, Harry Potter, Starkid, Avatar: The Last Airbender, etc. I'm super bored, so yeah. :)

Chapter 1

Bloodbath - District Six Girl (74th Hunger Games)


The gong! The goddamn gong! How do I move my feet? I shuffle them awkwardly, sliding off my now in-active mine.

"Melody Greenfield!" Gabriel calls. He feels compelled to call me by my full name in case of confusion. Well, he isn't the sharpest tool in the shed....

My mind is hazy. Must the the damn morphine I stole from Bianca and Cliff, District Six's mentors this year. I was reflecting on the pain from home, and Gabriel wasn't helping, telling me to get over it and get a grip. Are all boys so insensitive, or is it just District Six?

Anyway, I stole morphine from Bianca and Cliff. I took a dose this morning, too, which doesn't make the best situation for a Bloodbath fight.

Especially when the District One boy, Marvel, is sprinting for you, spear in hand, yelling a horrible war-cry.

"Melody Greenfield!" Gabriel called. I dropped to the ground, rolling away from Marvel, somersaulting towards Gabriel.

Would I be able to do that without morphine? Morphine was like being high. Or insane. Which is why District Six never wins. Our fùcked up mentors.

Gabriel grabs my hand, yanking me up, and my arm nearly off, and sprints. I follow him, but with all the morphine coursing through me, there isn't much control over myself.

I lurch forward, slamming face-first into the dirt, hitting my chin hard. A fox-faced girl from . . . Four? Five? Whatever. She bounds over my body, barreling towards the woods, carrying a small backpack.

"Melody Greenfield!" Gabriel yelled. I try to push myself up, but end up with help from Gabriel.

Before I can stop anything, someone slams into Gabriel. The girl from Four, Penelope, I think it is. She's holding a cruel-looking trident, probably following in her mentor's, Finnick's, footsteps.

I watch, helpless, as she slams the three-pronged trident through Gabriel's arm, and tears and blood flow onto the ground.

I'm transfixed, as awful as that sounds, by the sight. I take a step towards him, before I'm suddenly on the ground. Marvel was back. He was straddling my stomach with his legs, grinning wickedly at me.

I let out a small squeak, trying to wriggle free. Not many people are left, many are dead. Marvel has his spear again.

"Finish her off, Marvel!" the District Two boy yells.

"Melody Greenfield!" Gabriel yells frantically, but it's garbled. I chance a look, and immediately wish I hadn't.

His limbs are splayed at odd angles, forming a gruesome array, complete with blood. I watch as Penelope positions the trident above his chest.

"Melody-" His frantic call is cut off as the trident enters him.

"Nice show, huh?" Marvel asks, smiling softly, as if talking about a sleeping child.

I am utterly unable to speak, so I just gape and gawk at him. He shrugs. "Aw, well, I guess I can have some fun with you. His spear teasingly traces the outline of my body.

Please let it be quick, I think desperately, pleading. First he jams it into my shoulder, and I feel a blinding pain. No amount of morphine would get rid of this kind of pain.

"Marvel! Hurry it up! The body's are starting to stink!" the District Two girl, Clove, yells.

"Come on, Clove, I haven't killed anyone yet! Why don't you help me?" I don't see her reaction, as Marvel is blocking my view, but I whimper a bit.

Marvel jabs my Adam's apple with the non-pointy shaft of his spear, effectively cutting off my air supply, and says, "Shut up."

Another girl is hovering over me, grinning wickedly, brandishing a wicked display of knives. She selects a rather lethal-looking one, and holds it to my face.

"Hold still, honey. You won't feel a thing, like the rest of your pathetic morphine addicts in your district." She presses the tip of the blade to my forehead, and starts carving.

My shoulder is still burning, and I squeeze my eyes shut and she continues carving. "Don't move, sweetie," she says mockingly. "There. Now my name will be forever embedded on your forehead."

She. Wrote. Her. Name. On. My. Forehead?! "Please," I choke out. "Kill me, make it quick."

Clove and Marvel exchange looks. "Think we should?" Marvel asks.

"Sure, I'm hungry. And we have to go hunting for the other tributes later, anyway. And we have Lover-Boy to deal with."

Marvel chuckles. "Cato's probably already finished him off. Alright, hold on, you won't feel a thing," he says to me, almost kindly.

I swallow, and nod my head slowly.

Looks like District Six won't have a victor this year, I think as he slams the spear into my heart.

I gasp in pain, before my vision blurs and I fall into blackness.

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