I love your kiss much more than a dementor's (George Weasley Love Story)

I have been dying to make one of these for awhile so i will start to make one now!
name: Nicole Scarlett
age: 15 at the beginning of story
blood: pure
everything else will be revealed in the story

Chapter 1

The depression is pushed onto me, and there is no point of fighting it anymore, i might as well just let the dementors kiss me and get it over with...

AN: any ideas for titles will be greatly appreciated, just leave your idea in comments

Im not sure what was worse then. The feeling of depression and knowing it will never go away, or the only thing that I could think of was why I was depressed. The dementors only intensified the feeling of depression which never helped. All my good thoughts and experiences were gone, like there was a wall blocking them from my mind. I would of cried, for I was a fragile girl and I still am to this day - but I cried my sorrows away when I first came here, and no more tears were left as it seemed. I have been here, in azkaban prison, for 5 years now I believe. But I could be easily wrong about this, days and weeks and months are easy to confuse here, as they as blur together. My windowless cell didnt help how lonely I felt, I couldnt see the world, it seemed to me like the entire world was as dark as my cell was.
i was innocent. But there was no way I could prove this to anyone, since the world thought of me as a killer. And I guess I couldnt blame them, since from the story they heard, I sound like a killer. But I know the story they all heard was fake, made up by the deatheaters that just wanted to torture me further, since I lived, since I got away. That memory relived in my thoughts everyday, almost every second, since it was my deepest and most tragic memory, something that made the dementors thrive around me. Something that made me even more depressed as I sat on the edge of my prison bed, sqeaky and old that made me scared I would collapse it everytime I sat on it.
The dementor opened up my cell door and placed food on my small bedside table. The table was a dark gray color, I wasnt sure whether it was originally that color or if it became that way over age. The food was just that, edible in other words, but in no way delicious. How for I longed to have my mothers home made pancakes for breakfast again, but that would never happen, never again in my lifetime.
The dementor left just as soon as it came, but the depression lingered. Memories of my past came rushing back to me constantly as I tried, and failed, to push them away from my mind and deep down into my soul.
Only thoughts of how I was innocent floated to my mind, how I was framed for a murder I didnt commit, how im now stuck in this prison for the rest of my life with no family to help me anymore.
There was one thing that did keep me sane though. In the cell next to me was a man named Sirius Black. It was a strange name I first thought when I had heard of him. He had been here much longer than I, yet Sirius kept a level of sanity that was much better than anyone elses here. Eventually it unnerved me enough to see him so calm, that I decided to talk to him, hear his story.
His story was much like my own in its way, he was framed for a murder he didnt commit as well. I had been told the story of Lily and James Potter death before, well actually the story of Harry Potter living, as it was told. So to hear Sirius's side of the story, how he was James's best friend in school, how Peter Pettigrew -another friend of his- had betrayed them and given away their secret location to voldemort, and how Peter framed Sirius for killing him.
After I heard his story, I told him my own, and he seemed to understand and sympathize with me. We talked often to each other after that, I saw him like a father, a very good replacement for my father, but no one could necessarily replace my true dad.
I looked up to Sirius, like a daughter would to a father, as he told me stories of when he went to Hogwarts. It pained me to hear these stories though, since I never went to, nor will I ever go to, Hogwarts. I let him talk about his life though, since it seemed that when he did, the depression the dementors forced onto us, just left him as he talked happily with me.
His voice was raspy though, as if he didnt talk much before I came, like his voice had gone unused for a long time. His body was also thin and boney looking, and his black hair was tangled and dirty, along with his clothes being torn and ripped.
Though I didnt look much better though I must admit. My usually white blonde hair had become a dirty blonde now, almost to the point of brown, while my clothes were burnt and ripped, slight bloodstains also were there. My body was thin, and my muscles felt weak. My green eyes just looked faded and had lost the twinkle that they had once had. Etched onto my face was just a simple frown, for it had been a long while since I had laughed or even just smiled.
I picked up my now empty tray with my bony fingers and slid it through the bars and onto the ground on the outer side of my jail cell. I looked over to my right and saw that Sirius was doing the same. He caught my eye and gave me a bright smile, with a new twinkle in his eye. I thought this sudden new happy behavior was curious, so I stood nearer to his cell and questioned him on it.
He gave me a cocky grin in return before he answered, whispering as if he didnt want anyone else to hear, "You said you were an unregistered animagius right?"
It was true, my parents had both taught me and my sister when we were young. My parents were both pureblooded -and bloodtraitors as some call us- and wanted to teach us magic as soon as they could. They were both registered animagi themselves and they loved it, so they wanted to teach us the same skill. We had perfected the art, and they were going to register us, but then their lives were cut short and they never had the chance.
I merely nodded in answer to Sirius, unsure of where he was going with this. This only made him smile wider. "And why does this make you so happy?" I questioned wearily.
"Because we can break out using our animagi skills"
"When the dementors come in to give us our food, there is a time where they leave the door opened and unblocked - from there when can change into our animagius and make a run for it," he explained. It wasnt a fool proof plan, but it still was a plan. And if we were caught it didnt matter since we would still have a lifetime sentence either way.
"worth a shot I suppose," I said shrugging. We spent most of the morning talking in hushed tones of exactly how we were going to do this. How to perfect the plan as best we could since we both desperately wanted out.
They brought us lunch and we waited then, not trying to escape just yet, but using the food for the energy we would need to preform the spell.
When dinner came though, we took our chance. Just as the dementor was at the bedside table placing the food down, I transformed into my bat animagius. I flew out quickly and quietly, not trying to drawn any attention to myself. I watched and Sirius changed into a big black dog and come racing out of his cell. We both ran -well I flew and he ran- through the halls of Azkaban. We went down the stairs and to the doors that could grant us the chance of leaving. As we left through the entry doors, he ran to the water and began to swim. I continued to fly above him as we left the prison far behind us.
It seemed like hours, but eventually we came upon land. The shore of England. We both pushed harder as we saw that there was hope ahead of us. We both fell to the land and transformed back into our human selves, we just layed there and gasped for breath, just wanting to rest. But as I felt the damp sand beneath me, realization crossed over me of what we had done. We had escaped Azkaban prison, we had been the only successful people in the world to do so.
"Oh. My. God." i breathed as a smile rose onto my face. The muscles in my cheeks felt strained to do so, for they hadnt been used in awhile. My smile looked more like a grimace for this reason, and i massaged my cheeks to help loosen the unused muscles. "I cant believe it, we- we did it," i said happily, as that lost sparkle returned to my faded green eyes. But as quick as it appeared, it disappeared. "But what now? Where do we go from here?" i asked, more to myself than to him as i continued to ramble on, "we have no where to go, we are fugitives. We both have to family to go - yours being deatheaters, and mine being dead - so where to go? What now?"
It seemed as we had never left Azkaban now, for i still felt that depression being pressured on to me as i questioned what we had just done, and how stupid it seemed to have done that now. The world will be after us now, there is no where we can hide either, so we are going to be caught - maybe even killed if we arent lucky.
"Well i have an idea..." Sirius began, but i cut him off. "Great, then lets get going. We arent getting anywhere by just laying here on the sand," i said determined. He changed back into his dog animagius as i turned back into a bat. We traveled through the streets of London, doing our best not to draw attention to ourselves. Eventually, at what seemed to be in the dead of night, Sirius stopped himself in front of a simple little home. Nothing extravagant, but i didnt expect it either since Remus was a werewolf from what Sirius told me. Werewolves could only get so much money, since so many jobs were against having werewolf employees.
Sirius sat his dog self down at the doorstep, while i flew at the doorbell causing it to ring throughout the inside of the house. I repeated this action a few times, until i heard footsteps approaching the door. Sirius stood up and wagged his tail in excitement, panting and causing drool to drip off his long tongue. I landed on his back, and stood on his fur - waiting to meet this Remus i had heard so much about.
A man opened the door, he had many scars on his face and arms, his skin was slightly pale and he looked tired. Then again, it was the middle of the night and we had just woken him up from his slumber. He looked above where we stood, where he expected a human to be, but then looked down to where we were. His eyes widened in shock, and maybe some fear even, but there was also some anger evident in his eyes, "padfoot," he breathed, unbelievingly down to us. Sirius, or Padfoot i should say, barked in return, giving what seemed to be a smile to Remus. I could see the anger in Remus's face, for he thought that Sirius was the traitor still. I flew off Sirius's back and went to the side, where i transformed back into my human self. "Before you kill him, listen to what he has to say! He isnt the traitor you think he is, he was framed, he is innocent," i explained to Remus. He looked taken aback by my presence, but i soon saw his recognize me, probably from the news story there was about me and my "crimes".
I have to admit that Remus handled the situation well, considering that there was 2 killers on his front doorstep. He ushered us both in, to make sure that no one else could see us. Sirius transformed and began explaining to Remus the true story, what had really happened to him. I explored the house, since i had already heard Sirius's story many times before in the past 5 years. I went into the kitchen, and even though the food in the fridge was calling to me, i noticed the paper on the kitchen counter. I grabbed the daily Prophet off the counter and found the date, August 10, 1993 clearly stated there. I was correct when i thought that i had been in that prison for 5 years, for i will never forget the date - July 13, 1988 - of when that happened. The stories seemed irrevelant to read then, so i placed the paper back down on the counter and went back to the living room, where the 2 former marauders stood talking. Im not sure how, but it seemed that Sirius how somehow convinced Remus of his innocence. I walked in, and both of them turned to face me at hearing the sound of my footsteps. I will never forget the smile that Sirius had on his face then, his teeth may of been slightly yellow, but it was still a bright smile showing just how happy he was. Remus didnt give me a smile, his face was just neutral, as if he was still trying to process all of this. "And i suppose that you are innocent as well?" Remus asked me.
"Well, yeah. I wouldnt willingly want to do the crimes i was framed for," i told him truthfully. I walked over to the couch and sat down, happy to be on some comfortable furniture.
"So then what really happened? Because from what the article in the Daily Prophet said about you, you seem like a murderer," Remus questioned. There was no more fear in his eyes, just curiousity now.
"I suspected that an article would of been published about me, and even though i have never read that article in my life, you need to know that its all a big lie. I never killed them, I never burnt my house to the ground for my own amusement, I would never be a murderer of the people i loved most," i explained to him.
He just nodded, waiting for me to go on, tell him my story. I sighed and got more comfortable on the couch before i continued.
"Well, my story, from the beginning, seems like just any other's story would be. I had a good -no, great- life. I had loving parents and my twin sister, and we all got along great. It seemed as if my life was perfect, but there was a lot i didnt understand back then... When i was 3, when Harry lived and Voldemort died, my parents did celebrate, but not much. Since the Scarlett family is known to be one of the top pureblood - and bloodtraitor - families out there, they knew that there would still be deatheaters that wouldnt be caught and looking for us... But i was young then, so i didnt know or understand this. We moved a lot, and my parents taught me and my sister lots of magic at young ages. My sister and I never questioned this since we loved our lessons, but now that i think about it, it was rather strange and i guess i should have seen it coming... Anyways, after a few years, we began to get sloppy, my parents thinking that maybe no deatheaters would actually come for us anymore. So we moved around less and less, covering up our tracks terribly as well. Then came that particular day... It seemed like any other, but of course it wasnt. My father was at the breakfast table, reading the daily prophet, while my mother was in the kitchen making breakfast. My sister, Natalie, and I both raced down the stairs as we smelled the pancakes from our bedroom. We sat down at the table, forks and knives already in hand. My father chuckled at us and put down his paper, expecting breakfast to come out soon as well. But as we waited, the smell changed from one of delight, to of burnt pancakes. We also noticed that the clanging of pots and pans, were gone. My sister and I both turned to our father, confused and looking for answers. His face fell, and a grim expression showed on his face. He never told us what was going on, he just told us to leave, to escape while we could, that he didnt want either of us hurt. He raced towards the kitchen, and only seconds later did we hear spells being blasted, breaking objects of all kinds. My sister grabbed my hand and i held it tight, worried for what was going on. We both ran upstairs and grabbed our wands, held them tightly in our free hand. We raced back downstairs where we saw our mother and father both fighting against some men in masked faces, along with long black cloaks and tall black hoods. It seemed that we were both frozen at the sight, so transifixed at watching the scene, from the bottom of the stairs. Our parents were fighting well, but they were outnumbered, four to two, so it wasnt long before they were both unarmed and against the wall, with no where to go and hide. They got tied up there, and they were both begging and pleading "leave them alone! Take us, Kill us! Just leave Nicole and Natalie alone!" Natalie gasped at hearing this, which also made the deatheaters notice our presence. They shot spells at us, and Natalie blocked it with Protego. I was too slow though, as my wand flew from my hand and into one of the cloak man hands. They shot more spells at us, until we were both bruised and tied up as well, on the other side of the living room from our parents. My parents were still pleading with them. The man who was holding my wand, told them to silence, and when they didnt..." i took a deep breath for continuing, not letting myself cry in front of a man i had just met, "I-I saw my father die first, as he was struck with a green light from my wand and his eyes began unfocused and his head lolled to the side. I would never forget the screams that came from my mother after that, and all the tears streaming down here face... She was trying to talk, but the tears made it impossible to understand her. The man, who i now know was a deatheater, told her to silence and held my wand to her throat. It wasnt until then that i noticed Natalie was out of her ropes. She had the knife she was holding at the breakfast table and was cutting my ropes free now. She always was the smarter twin... thinking of keeping her knife with her from breakfast..." i couldnt help but one tear escape my eye as i thought about her, she was like my other half, she was my twin, my bestfriend, "The deatheaters continued to talk to my mum, but i wasnt paying attention as i focused on Natalie and the ropes holding me becoming looser. I broke free eventually and Natalie and I both ran to the door. But she stopped suddenly, causing me to loose grip of her hand. She ran back to where our mum was, and i wasnt sure of her plan, but it was too late. I saw as my mother died, and i felt another little piece of me die along with her. "NO!" Natalie screamed, but immediatly regretted it as she clapped her hand over her mouth after the words had left her. The deatheaters all turned to her and in a flash of green light, she was dead as well. My entire family had been killed, and all with my wand. I felt as if i had been killed as well, but i still had enough sense in me to run away before i was actualy killed for real. I hid in the forest next to my house, and hid in the shadows of the trees. I could hear them all yelling at each other, probably for them letting me get away. They all left eventually, but not before they had set fire to my house and burnt it to the ground. When they were gone, i walked up to the wreckage of my house. There was nothing left of it though, everything had been burned in the fire. But i did find one item of interest... my wand had survived, probably because it was the cause of the fire, it had issued the spell on the house. I held my wand in my hand, though i was disgusted by the sight of it now. It didnt seem like my wand anymore. The rest of what happened, happened in a blur. Aurors from the Order had come, probably hearing what had happened, and they saw me. They used 'prior incantartem' on my wand and it showed that i had done the spells that caused my home and family to be dead. I was then taken to Azkaban, and i think you can guess the rest from there..." I closed my eyes at the end of my sentence, knowing that if i kept them open that tears would flow out.
Sirius and Remus continued to talk, but i was barely listening as i was caught up in my own thoughts at the time. I caught parts of their conversation, and it sounded like Sirius was explaining to Remus about how Peter Pettigrew was alive and was at Hogwarts, but Remus seemed unbelieving about this no matter what Sirius said. But, as remus had said, he was going to be the DADA teacher this year, so he would keep a lookout at the school.
"Nicole, you look tired. There is a guest bedroom upstairs, second door on the left, where you can crash for the night," remus said. But it was too late because i was already asleep.

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