Teenage Dream (A Pre-StarKid Story)

I promised it! Here it is!
It's about the StarKids at MY high school, Olathe North, during Senior year! :D
And most of the events are accurate besides the StarKid part... ;)

BTDubs, go read Cassie's story about Joey Pre-StarKid! :D It's called Once In A Life Time and her username is Thatoneawesomekid Nickname is MrsCassieColfer

This is why I named this Teenage Dream:)

Love y'all! ♥

Chapter 1

"First years ride hippogriffs?" -Pence in response to my 5th grade HP fanfic

Seventh Grade
My best friend, Lauren, nudged me at lunch, causing me to almost choke on my hamburger.
"What?!" I ask her. She pointed to the new kid who was looking for a place to sit. "Hm, we should ask him if he wa--" I saw Julia, Lauren, AJ, Breezi, Joe, and Brian touch their noses. "Fine. I'll do it."
I got up and walked over to the boy with short, curly, dark hair, and a Toy Story shirt on.
"Hi! I'm Geena. Would you like to sit with me and my friends? We don't bite. Well, Lauren might. But you don't have to sit by her." I motioned to my table and pointed out my dear Lauren Lopez.
He laughed. "I would love to sit with you. Thanks. I'm Darren by the way."

Senior Year
Where, oh, where are my friends? Where, oh, where can they be? I scanned the lower commons for them, then went up the three steps to the upper commons. Hmm...
"GEENA!" Joey yelled from our table next to his girlfriend, Cassie. I smiled and carried my tray of vegetarian friendly food to an empty spot between Diane and Darren.
"All right, SCHEDULE!" Julia demanded. I handed my class schedule to her and she scanned the courses. "Ah! You have chemistry with Lauren and I!"
"Hey, that's this hour!" I said, taking the schedule and handing it to Joey and Cassie.
"No classes?!" Cassie moaned.
"Ha! I had fourth hour with her!" Joey kissed his girlfriend's head and went back to eating. What he said was true. I had History of Film with Darren, Joey, Lauren, and Walker. Pence, our teacher, kind of favored us because we were all involved in North's theatre program, the greatest in the district. We took the class to spend more time getting thespian credit while the rest of the class took it for an easy A and to get their Fine Arts out of the way. Honestly, if Pence didn't teach the class, I wouldn't like it as much.
"WAIT! GEENA!" Darren dropped his Planet Sub, spilling lettuce everywhere. "Our tradition!"
I laughed as we switched milks and returned to normal as nothing had ever happened. On the first day of eighth grade, I thought Darren's milk carton had a cooler design, so I took his and replaced it with mine and did so everyday since. I must admit, that day marked the start of the crush I have on Darren. Over the summer between seventh and eighth grade, he had become more than the nerdy boy I hung out with. Now, I thought it was obvious, but apparently he didn't know I was in love with him. He's had a few girlfriends and a bunch of freshmen always following him like a Viktor Krum fan club.
I've never been in a relationship. Yeah. I know. Pathetic. Of course, that doesn't mean I've never kissed anyone. I mean, I am in high school theatre and in the plays. Plus, Joey's birthday in eighth grade. We played spin the bottle. Huge mistake. I ended up kissing AJ. It was gross. Only because he's like my little, younger, adorable, baby brother.
I shuddered at the memory and listened to the arguement Darren and Diane and Walker were having.
"Fire." Darren insisted.
"No, Earth!" Walker argued.
"WRONG!" Diane tapped her boyfriend's head. "Water!"
"No, guys, fire."
"Earth, goddammit!"
"Water, bro!"
Joey interrupted, yelling, "AIR!"
I cleared my throat. "Boomerang."
"Damn," Lauren said. "Geena won."
Her statement caused an uproar.
"What are you fighting over now?" Pence asked as he monitored our lunch. Breezi, just getting her water from the lunch line, followed.
"Avatar styles, Pence!" Darren told him, sitting back in his chair. Breezi sat in his lap.
Oh, no, she can't... I started to panic. Great. First day of school and I'm already stressed...
"Hi, Darren!" She smiled, all flirty now. "How was your summer?"
Pence gave Diane and I a look and walked away.
"It was all right, pretty great. I mostly hung out with the group," He gestured to us. "What about you?"
Darren didn't like Breezi, but when she starts flirting, boys don't stand a chance.
But...she can't be figuring out how amazingly fantastic he is NOW! She knows I like him!
Lauren caught my eye and mouthed, "Bathroom talk?" I shook my head. "Later?", Nodding, I seemed to satisfy her.
Breezi is the source of my offstage drama. Everytime I think we're distanced, she comes back like an elastic waistband.
Her arms draped around the neck of the boy I loved as he smiled.
First Drew, then Chris, now Darren?
Strike three, you're out.

~~~~ Like it?! :D
Anyways, my chapter titles will be things said to me or my friends. This first one is one of my favorite theatre jokes, right behing "Abortion is for whores. Have a nice day." -Amanda 'FruitCup' Auld:) I miss her. ANYWAYS! Breezi is in fact the...er, muse? Is that the right word? The model for Breezi in What a Flammable Heart. Actually, they're the same damn person. I hate her.
Enjoy the rest of my story!! :D ~~~~

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