The ones you love.

Bullies hurt. And they've driven Katie to death. She can't take seeing them anymore. She can't take how they make her life miserable so she decided to end it all.
But there was a little hitch.
Her sister, Kaitlyn, finds her right before she tries to end her life. Stopping, for now, what is to come and what Katie has decided.
Kaitlyn tries to help, but will it be enough? Will Katie learn to rise above the bullies? Or will her light go out?

Chapter 1

The end.

The glass is always half full. Ya right. That's just some lame expression, it means nothing. How is a glass of water relatable to life? To my life? It can't be. It's not.
Let me tell you, I'm done. I can't take it anymore. Adults will tell me "It get's better. Just wait until you're out of High School, it get's better." Do you see the problem that I do? It gets better. I need it to be better. That's the future and right now it's not looking so bright. The human race is ignorant. Full of people who seek out the weak, who seek to harm others, who enjoy it. In all the years, not one person has said anything nice to me, not even a teacher. At home it's blah and at school it's worse. The halls are filled with kids, just waiting for the next victim. For the next person to strike and make fun of.

And usually that person is me.

I can't do it anymore. I can't wait for the future. I need things to get better now. Or… Or well I guess it's time I say goodbye.

Not that anyone will miss me. I don't have any friends and my parents haven't paid attention to me since Kaitlyn and if they must pay attention to me, it's only to tell me what a horrible child I am.

I. Am. Finished.

I write a short note, I mean there's not much to say. My parents can decide what happen to my things and I really don't know how to say goodbye to people who pretend I don't exist. And what about the people at school? What do I want to say to them? Is there anyone I care enough about that I want to say goodbye? My mind goes to him. There's only one person I care about.

"To whom it may concern,
I'd just like to say, whoever finds me I am so sorry. I don't want to put you through any pain of having to see me dead. I'm sure you'll be glad about it but at least pretend to cry at my funeral? If there even if a funeral.
Mom, Dad, You could have done so much to stop this. You could have chosen to recognize the signs, but you didn't. I don't blame you though. Know that.
The people at school, know you did this to me. You drove me to this. Yes, I could have chosen not to, but that would have meant having to endure your taunts and I can't deal with bullies.

And to Jake, I'm sorry. And…. I guess it'd better late then never so, I love you."

I set my note down on the table and go to finish the job. I decided on pills. Seemed the easiest.

Well…. Here goes nothing. Or I guess everything.

I grab all the pills and go to sit down before I take them, make sure there's no extra blood to clean up from a head bash.

I close the door after entering my room.

"Katie Elizabeth Anne Johnson, WHAT ARE YOU DOING?" I know that voice. Turning around I see my sister Kaitlyn.

Seeing her shocks me.

"What are you… Kaitlyn you're…." And I pass out.

Did I mention my sister Kaitlyn is dead?


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