What You Wouldn't Expect - A Marauder Love Story

Aly (Spri9) and Lillyth (Xx_Lillyth_xX) are writing this amazing story!

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Chapter 1

Midnight Flying (Jen's POV)

Name: Jennette Angelique "Jen" Carter
House: Slytherin
Personality: Intelligent, emotional, caring, random, mean when she wants to be, sighs a lot
Appearance: Dark brown hair that falls slightly over her face, shoulder-length, straight, side fringe that's cut diagonally; brown-black eyes; ear piercings
Boyfriend: Sirius Black
Friends: Narcissa Black, Severus Snape, Regulus Black, James Potter, Remus Lupin, Peter Pettigrew, Lily Evans (frenemy)
Enemies: Lucius Malfoy, Bellatrix Black, Layla Evans
Special Abilities: Black fox animagus

"I'm sick to death of you!" I yelled fiercely at Bellatrix. She went one step too far. My dark brown hair is now a bright purple! I was hoping to go for green streaks but purple is a no-no!
"Can both of you calm down?" Narcissa asked. She was one of the Slytherins who was actually nice to me. Bellatrix hated me and I returned the hatred gladly. Lucius, before he graduated, was my worst enemy. Mainly because I kept on calling him Lucy. Regulus, Severus and Narcissa are my best Slytherin friends. Bellatrix on the other hand makes me want to rip her head off, and that's the world's biggest understatement.

"Stay out of this Cissy. Little baby Jenny has no true friends. Ickle Jenny is all alone." Bellatrix teased. I growled.
"I don't care. I take pride in being alone. More space to think, less confusion and less trouble." I said. Bellatrix shook her head, still grinning evilly.
"What nobody knows is that Jenny's got a little secret. A little secret and nobody knows." Bellatrix said, a dangerous glint in her eyes.
"That's enough. Bella, it's best to leave." Regulus said from behind me. Bellatrix glared at him then stormed off.
"I'm so sorry, Jen." Narcissa said before following Bellatrix.

"I could have taken her." I said, pouting. Regulus rolled his eyes and Severus sighed.
"She's trouble, Jen. Everyone knows that." he said.
"I still could have taken her." I said.
"That's my stubborn Jen. Are you going to see my brother then?" Regulus asked.
"Sirius isn't that bad. He, at least, isn't obsessed with the Dark Arts like you two." I retorted.
"I'm not obsessed." Regulus replied.
"Says the boy who's going to become a Death Eater just next year! You're fourteen!" I said. Regulus was fourteen, a year younger than me yet still slightly taller than me. He was almost a copy of Sirius, but a few intentional differences here and there.

"Don't go spreading that around." Regulus warned quietly.
"What are you gonna do? Hit me? Hex me? Jinx me? Curse me?" I asked, annoying him as it was my hobby. He rolled his eyes.
"Just let it go, Jen." Severus said.
"You're just as bad, you know!" I said, turning to him.
"You're a Slytherin, why aren't you at least thinking of following the Dark Lord?" he asked.
"Because I have a brain and I intend to use it well." I said and got up. "I'm going to see Sirius." I said and walked out of the common room.
"It's almost midnight!" Regulus yelled after me but I ignored him and went down to the lake where I knew I'd find Sirius.

I spotted him by the shore so I quietly sneaked up behind him and wrapped my arms around his neck.
"Hey Orion." I said, calling him by his middle name. He chuckled when he realized it was me and quickly spun me around, throwing me into the lake. I went under then pretended to drown just to get him scared.
"Sirius. Orion. Black. I. Can't. Swim!" I yelled. His mischievous grin fell and a look of worry replaced it.
"I'll get you out, Angel!" he said using my middle name's nickname. Confusing right? He dived into the water and swam out to me, he didn't realize I was slowly swimming away from him. I went under and swam towards him, then pulled him up above the surface and began laughing.
"You are so gullible!" I said. He rolled his eyes and picked me up my my waist, putting me on his back and swimming me back to the shore. I laughed as we got off and sat on the grass. I took my wand out and dried myself off, then I dried Sirius off because he was glaring at me and it was freaking me out.

"I'm the best flier in the world, you know." I said. He rolled his eyes.
"Really? Prove it!" he challenged. I smiled and whistled, and the broomstick came flying out and landed at my feet. I picked it up and mounted with Sirius behind me. I took off and flew extremely fast, so fast that any onlooker would only see a blur. Sirius screamed and I laughed.
"Proven?" I asked, well, yelled.
"Yep!" he replied then miraculously we changed positions while still in midair. I gripped onto his waist tightly as we flew around the castle.
"Hold on tight!" he yelled.
"What do you think I'm doing?" I asked. I knew he was rolling his eyes, you could tell. He then did a few loop-de-loops and I nearly fell when we were upside-down.
"You moron!" I yelled.
"But you still love me!" he said as we landed. I got off the broom and gave him a tight hug, looking into his warm eyes.
"Of course I do." I said, leaning in closer. Just before our lips met I pulled away and walked back up to the castle, turning around one final time and winking at Sirius. Ah, how I love messing with my secret boyfriend.

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