My Life With Fangs

I was bored so I thought I'd write about some vamps, and it's actually going somewhere!!! I need AT LEAST 10 comments for evry chap. So comment pweaze!!!
Yesh, I changed the #. :)

um......i am aware i am behind on the, i owe u guys 2 more......

Chapter 3

Do You Know The Enemy?

You know that saying 'It's okay, I don't bite?' Well with me, sucks for you. I DO bite. So remember your scarves and wristbands people!

But if you forget, you might just end up with two tiny holes in your neck or wrist.

Normally, you'd get changed if we don't really suck outta ya, but if we do bite you, most of the time your just gonna have blood being drained from you. No biggie.

But, man, does being a vampire suck when your mackin' with humans. Until I bite them, that is.

Seriously, if I'm not hungry, throat still burns. A little hungry, really bad burns. Starving equals inferno.

So, as you might of guessed I don't kiss 'em all that often.

I guess I'll tell you my story a couple hours before I was bitten. Then I'll just carry on form there.

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