My Life With Fangs

I was bored so I thought I'd write about some vamps, and it's actually going somewhere!!! I need AT LEAST 10 comments for evry chap. So comment pweaze!!!
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Chapter 10

I Feel Strange For A Vamp


I sat down in my comfy, spinny chair after October had ran, and tripped a couple of times to the elevators. I guess her vampiric speed hadn't shown up yet, I mused.

October. . . a fitting name for a vampire, I thought. And, by the looks of it, she's goth, bonus for her because all- well, some- human guys follow a goth girl out 'cause their usually pretty hot. I tried that with girls- didn't have the same affect. But, out of every female bloodsucker I'd met, October was just so. . . different.

Everyone I met that was a vampire lady was all, "Oh. Hey. Who's the best you've ever drank? And if their still alive, name please. I'm a little snackish."

October was just concerned about her father. I had never met a vampire, male or female, look and seem so helpless, even if they were a fledgling.

I had knew exactly what I was, and I liked it at first, but I get lonely after a while. But in my three hundred and seventy-six years, I've never met a little less than a thousand vamps, so I'm not that lonely now as you might have guessed.

October though. . . she didn't seem hungry at all. Maybe she wasn't. Maybe she was and was hiding it. Maybe she drank alot from her dad.

Of course, she didn't tell me that she drank from her own father. But once I found out we were of the same kind of creature, I couldn't help but pick her brain a bit.

That was my gift, talent, whatever you want to call it. It's totally cool that I cam read your mind- think pleasant thoughts when near me please!- except I don't usually read humans. Mortals just don't have interesting enough thoughts or pasts to makes you want to read their minds. No offense.

Anyway, when I'd looked into October's head, it was so unlike anything that I'd read before that I wanted to stay-

My thought breaks off as an ambulance came blaring into the lot. I sniffed the air a little, wondering who could've done it. Hmm. . . . Oh! It smelt kinda like October, and someone else. . . Aubrey? No. . . Someone else. . . . After about a minute, the 'medics rushed in with two gurneys. I smelled the air again, and October's scent was all over them. . . . But she didn't bite them, that I could tell. So if she didn't bite these people and her smell was all over them. . . could this be her family? And if it was her family, then them being here must mean that whoever changed October, might have changed or killed them. . . . Oh, crap.

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