My Life With Fangs

I was bored so I thought I'd write about some vamps, and it's actually going somewhere!!! I need AT LEAST 10 comments for evry chap. So comment pweaze!!!
Yesh, I changed the #. :)

um......i am aware i am behind on the, i owe u guys 2 more......

Chapter 1

Om nom nom


What an unproductive day, I think. My stomach rumbles, so loud that a couple ahead of me turns around.

I know I look pissed and paler than usual, but that's only because I haven't fed in. like, two days, and I'm starving.

I turn abrubtly imto a dark alley because I'm soo tempted to go back there, drink the happy couple dry, and leave them.

But that's not my way.

I go for the elderly people, or really, really drunk people who stumble into my alley's. Well, there not necessarily my alley's, but--

The thought breaks off as a man comes stumbling-- tripping more like it--into the alley. I press up against the wall, not breathing. Closer. . . Come on, come closer, you drunk.

Yeah, 'cause that's gonna work, I tell myself bitterly. Where's Lexi when you need her? Great. Just great. Guess I'm doing this the usual way. I glance down at my black mini, and my lacy tank top. Yanking my boots back into place at my mid-thigh, I step in the light of the moon so he can see me.

His eyes widen at the sight of me. " Schwell, hello's gourgeous. What're you doin' outs in the night. wearing. . ." he paused and his gaze flickers down my form, " that?" he finishes. Though it's kinda hard to understand because he slurred so much.

I slink up to him, moving my hips in a swingy motion. Stopping in front of him and putting my hands on his chest, I answer, " Waiting for you, honey. Can you help me?" My gaze falls to the ground and then, slowly, I look back up at him.

Instead of responding, he grabs my hair, and pulls my head back, hard. He smashes his old, gross fleshy lips on mine, and moans.

I almost gag. He completely reeks of beer and it smells soo icky. But I smell what I want and that's the only reason I'm doing this.

I pull back gently, and whisper. " Lay down," into his ear. And he's so out of it, he does. Bending down, I grab the front of his shirt and pull him to me. I lick his neck, nip his ear, and then lick his neck again. His arm crooks around my waist.

Licking his neck one more time, I pause for a second.

Ah, screw it, I think, biting down into his neck and letting the blood flow.

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