My ghost

My ghost

^-^ I was watching a movie and made this.

Chapter 1

Never goodbye

My soul longs for you
Please answer it
Since the day I lost you
I am so incomplete in sorrow
My rain cloud never stop pouring tears
A ghost of you in standing face to face at me
I smile and you return the smile
You bring such a warm light
My angel, my love, my everything
How could you leave me like that? And so soon?
How can I sleep in a bed that could hold two?
I'm not use to cooking for one now
I'm not sure of anything anymore
But except that I loved you deeply
I said I do and I will say that over again
I miss you so much
I pray at night for you and feel a light wind on my forehead
Like a tender kiss, you always were so gentle and loving
Your still there, that I'm sure of
Can feel you and see you
My love was never blind, when I first saw you, you were my one
When cold days come I never need a coat because your my blanket
You sing me to sleep through the wind
One day I know we will be back in each others arms
For now I'll gladly let you haunt me like a ghost
I will lay in my wedding dress when my time come
Waking up in a light where you stand waiting
My heaven is where you are and gave me wings to continue living
And soon fly up to be with you again...
I love you always and still then I will remain on my two feet

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