Then There's You (a StarKid story.... kind of)

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Chapter 3

It's Just Temporary

The three guys glance around a bit nervously before sitting down at the nearest empty table. As they sit hushed conversation fills the air. I have a feeling I know what the topic of conversation is.
Vanessa's busy so I walk over to their table and smile. I actually have to act like a real waitress for these guys. Too bad I've never done that before.
"Hello," I say uncertainly, walking up.
The shortest of the three looks confused. "Um hi..."
"Oh Megan! My name's Megan," I say, remembering now.
"You new or something?" the one with light hair asks.
"No," I say indignantly. "I've just never had to introduce myself before. Now, what do you want to drink?"
"Wait," the short one speaks up again, "you never introduced yourself to anyone here?"
"They already know me. Now, drinks?"
The one who hasn't spoken until now answers, "I'll just have a water."
"Ooo they have shakes Holden," Shorty says, nudging the quiet one.
Light Hair decides on a water too and Shorty finally decides on a chocolate shake. "I'll have that right out for you," I assure them before walking hurriedly away.
Everyone else keeps glancing at me, hoping for some info. I just shrug at them before taking the drinks back to the three strangers. "Here you go."
"Wow that was fast," Shorty observes. Quiet nods while Light Hair sips his water.
"Are you ready to order?" I ask.
Shorty nods and asks for the club. Light Hair gets a sandwich as well but Quiet doesn't ask for anything. "And you, uh, sir?" It's so weird not knowing their names.
"Aw come on Holden, you have to eat," Shorty urges. "Just bring him a sandwich too." Holden? What kind of name is that? Not that it's any of my business but... whatever.
I go back and give Marianne the guys' orders before catching Vanessa's eye. She makes her way to me. "So who are they? Cuz they look so familiar."
"I'm pretty sure they're not from here," I tell her. In fact I'm certain. They just don't look like... like Glendale.
Vanessa stares blatantly their way. She shakes her head. "I swear I know them..."
"You know a guy named Holding?" I scoff.
"Named what?"
"Holding or Hold On or..."
"Holden!" she gasps.
I nod. "Yeah that's it.
"Holden like... Brian Holden! So the other guys must be Matt and Nick!"
"And you know them..."
"From the Internet! That Harry Potter show I showed you! Duh!"
I shake my head. "Vanessa do you honestly think I watched that? I still can't believe you did." Out of the two of us you'd think Vanessa would be the more mature. She's almost a year older than me and she's also the mother of a two year-old. So you'd think being a mom and an adult would make someone be a bit more calm. But that is definitely not the case with Vanessa.
"I call Brian," she whispers.
"Vanessa!" I gasp. "Be quiet! Someone's going to hear you!" She rolls her eyes but makes a show of keeping her mouth closed as she goes to greet a few more people.
The father to Vanessa's daughter is no longer in the picture but I'm still uncomfortable about her boldness when it comes to guys. Not that it surprises me, that's just Vanessa. It's what she does.
"Hey Marianne, come here a minute," I call back.
Marianne comes up to where I'm standing. "Yes?"
"There are three guys from out of town here," I tell her, nodding covertly over to the trio.
A look of recognition crosses Marianne's face. "Those are my nephews!" Without further explanation she pushes past me and rushes towards their table.
I vaguely remember Marianne telling us something about her nephews when Vanessa went through her musical phase. Apparently they'd been pretty successful. So what are they doing here?

Matt's POV:
"Brian come on, it'll be okay," I try to reassure my friend. It's pretty hard to do considering I could use some comforting myself but Holden is definitely the worst off of the three of us right now.
"You really think Marianne is gonna help us out?" Nick asks, using a spoon to scoop some of his incredibly thick shake out of it's cup.
I nod. Coming to see Mary had been my idea that I'd gotten a few hours after crossing the Iowa-Illinois border. Glendale wasn't that far into Nebraska and we were just wandering anyways. It had felt nice to come up with something, to actually have a plan of action.
But now that we're here what do we do?
"There she is! Our waitress is talking to her!" Nick exclaims, pointing towards the area where the cash register is. Brian, unaffected by his outburst, takes a sip of his drink before turning his eyes down towards the surface of the table.
Brian hadn't agreed with my plan.

"Guys, let's go see Marianne," I offered up.
Brian's voice sounded from the back of the car. "And that's going to help us how?"
I shrugged. "She has that restaurant. I bet she needs help with it. Maybe you could perform some songs there. It's just for now, until we figure something else out. Just temporary."
"Everything is temporary," Brian mumbled.
Nick turned towards him and patted his knee. "Come on buddy. I'm upset too but we have to do something right?"
"Yeah sure."

And he still hasn't dropped the sulky attitude. I can only hope he'll come around. I want my friend back.
"Matt! Nick!" a familiar voice exclaims. I turn and see my aunt walking towards us.
"Hey Aunt Mary," Nick says with a grin.
"What are you doing here?"
I sigh and set my glass down. "We're having some trouble Marianne. Our troupe broke up and we don't have anywhere to go."
"Oh yes you do. Right here," she tells us firmly. Marianne turns to Brian. "And you are?"
"This is our friend Brian Holden."
Mary nods. "Honey you don't even need to tell me he needs help too." Ah Marianne, so nice. I've missed her.

Megan's POV:
I watch as Marianne talks to the people who she claimed were related to her for a while before getting back to work. Everyone I serve asks about the guys sitting with Marianne.
This isn't surprising. Like I've said before, new people in Glendale is unheard of really. Why would anyone move here? But at the same time you have to ask, why would anyone want to move away?
"Megan! I'm going on break," Vanessa tells me. I nod absentmindedly and poke my head out the door to check on Beau. He's sniffing around an unfamiliar car loaded with boxes.
Even my dog is curious about the new guys.

Sorry if this is going slow. I mean this is the third chapter and I'm still on the same day. But this one might go a bit slower.... We won our homecoming game! Wooooooo! Dance tonight! Wooooooo! Thanks for the comments.

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