Then There's You (a StarKid story.... kind of)

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Chapter 22


Okay, a few people have messaged me asking about Griffen and just to clear everything up for everyone I'm gonna take the time to talk about him real quick if that's alright. Yes, he's a real person. Yes, he's from the same place where I live and he makes his living touring as a musician. Yes, I've met him and talked to him and he's awesome. I don't normally write characters based a real people but he just really fit into this role. No, he's not a jerk. But I honestly don't think my Griffen in this story is either.... Anyways, all the songs he sings are the real Griffen's and yeah he's really pretty and funny and sounds awesome. That's him in the picture. Check him out at his website:

Matt's POV:
"Matt, wake up!" Vanessa sounds frantic. I shake myself awake, glancing around. It takes a while for me to remember I'm not in my bed.
"What? What's going on?" I ask, looking up at Vanessa.
She smiles. "You fell asleep. And Dawn woke up."
My eyes rest on Vanessa's daughter's hospital bed. She looks so fragile laying there, looking over at me. "Hi Ma-few," she says with a smile.
I can't help but laugh at her. "Hey Dawn. What goes on?" I ask her, sitting up and leaning towards her. She looks down at the tubes connected to her and I grimace. "Yeah I know. Tough break huh? But you'll be fine."
She rolls her eyes, looking so much like her mother. "I know. But I want my gi-waffe."
"Your... giraffe?" I say slowly.
She nods. "I dunno where it went."
Vanessa strokes Dawn's hair. "Don't worry sweetie. You have plenty of stuffed animals at home."
"Not my gi-waffe though. It was in the car," Dawn says stubbornly.
"I'll go get it," I promise her. Vanessa glances at her daughter before following me to the door.
"Matt," she says slowly, "you're not going to be able to find it."
"I'll get her a new one Vanessa. I'm going to go stop by Marianne's and check on her and then go get one okay? Will you be alright in here?"
Vanessa nods. "Yeah. I'll be alright."
"I'll send Nick in here to relieve you in a bit. You need to at least get something to eat," I tell her, caressing her cheek for a moment before letting my hand fall back to my side. "I'll be back soon. Promise." With a peck on Vanessa's cheek and a wave to Dawn I'm gone.

Megan's POV:
I sit beside Marianne's bed as Griffen talks animatedly to her about some antics he pulled on the road. The ring in my pocket feels heavy and I slip my hand in to feel it. I can't help but smile at the cool touch of the metal as I slide it back onto my finger.
"... but the best part of being away is definitely the part where I came back," Griffen is saying. I laugh at him and notice Nick trying not to role his eyes.
Of the three 'new' guys Nick is the one I know the least. Vanessa has basically forced me to associate with Matt whenever we're together now and Brian is, well.... I don't know but I really know him. I know Nick's super closet to Brian and apparently him and Blake have a thing but that's all I really know about him. Next time I talk to Brian I'll have to... No. I won't talk to Brian again. I can't risk it.
I've made my decision.
"And why is that?" Marianne asks, smiling from her place on the hospital bed. "Because you missed me so much?"
"You know it," Griffen laughs. "But seriously, guess what?" He grabs my left hand and holds it up to Marrian's face. "We're engaged!"
Marianne's eyes widen and she looks delighted. Lifting her uninjured arm, she touches the ring with a huge grin. "That's beautiful Griffen. Did you pick it out yourself?"
I glance over to see Nick's reaction to this news but he's gone.

Nick's POV:
"Woah, slow down there," Matt says as I nearly run into him.
"Why aren't you with Vanessa?" I ask him, steadying myself by grabbing his shoulder. I left so quickly I hadn't even seen him.
He smiles. "Dawn's awake. And she wants a giraffe so I'm going to get her one. I just thought I'd check on Aunt Mary first."
"She's fine. And so is the betrothed couple in there," I growl, jabbing my thumb back to the door of Marianne's room.
Matt looks completely confused. "Betrothed couple?"
"Griffen and Megan," I clarify.
It takes Matt a minute to catch onto why this is bad. I'd filled him in on Holden's situation a few days ago. "Oh that's.... Oh no."
"Yeah. That's oh no."
"What are we going to tell Holden?" Matt asks, a perplexed look forming on his face.
I shake my head. "No idea. He isn't going to take this well. And just when he was making progress here too. I honestly thought he was going to be okay. That Megan and Griffen would break up and he'd be with her and they'd live happily ever after." I feel like I"m on the verge of tears. Why did this have to happen just when I was getting my friend back? Matt looks down and shuffles his feet. I find myself getting annoyed with my little brother. "Well Matt? What? You just going to stand there?"
"Why do I have to know what to do?!"
"You're the director!" the snap comes out before I realize what I'm saying. That was my go-to whenever we'd argued back during our theatre days.
Matt looks pained for a moment but it subsides just as quickly as I notice it. "Well you know what? I'm done making all the choices. I'm done telling everyone what to do. You tell him. Or don't. Whatever." He shakes his head before walking away.
I don't try to get him to stop. I realize it's useless.

Matt's POV:
I'm irritated, yes. Nick was completely out of place saying something like that. Especially since....
God I'm not as over it as I thought I was, am I?
I stop outside of the toy store, plastic bag in hand. Dawn's giraffe is secure. I just need a minute. There's a bench on the street corner that I make my way to before plopping down. My thoughts wander to the past, the way the usually do when I'm feeling a bit down. I haven't heard from some of our friends for a while. Thinking about this just makes me even more upset and soon enough I'm whipping my phone out. I just have to hear someone's voice that's connected to what once was.
"Matt! Hey... what's wrong?"
Yes. This is just what I need. Someone besides Nick and Brian who knows me just as well. "A lot," I finally answer, realize Darren's still waiting patiently for my answer. "When's your next hiatus or break or whatever?"
I hear a faint laugh from him on the other end. "You know it's crazy I was just going to call you about that. Anyways it's in a day. You guys still with your aunt? I was going to come visit. Maybe bring Joey and Lauren along. What do you say?"
"I say that's just what we need."

Vanessa's POV:
"Our love is all we need to make it through," I finish singing one of Dawn's favorite songs for her. It's the only way to make her stop complaining about how bored she is while she waits for her "gi-waffe".
Dawn smiles. "Another," she demands.
I laugh. "What one?"
"I just sang that one before Not Alone," I tell her with a shake of my head.
"Uh, Ranger then." The fact that she knows practically every single StarKid song is a testament to how much I love them. Or... loved them I suppose since they're done now. It made me upset at first but look at how much we've all gained from it! I never would have met Matt otherwise.
"Alright. I wanna be, a starship ranger...."
"I wanna have the things they've got," Matt sings as he opens the door, a bit off-pitch but adorable all the same. He rattles a plastic bag, walking up to Dawn. "Guess what's in here?"
"What?" Her eyes get all wide, like she hasn't been expecting this for the past half-hour.
Matt produces the giraffe with a flourish and hands it to Dawn who promptly hugs it. "Say thank you," I tell Dawn firmly.
She gives Matt a sweet smile. "Thank you."
"You're welcome," he responds patting the giraffe before turning back to me. "Guess what?"
"What?" I ask him, moving a bit closer.
"You can't tell anyone," he warns me.
I shake my head. "I won't." A secret?! What?!
"We're going to have some visitors arriving tomorrow...."

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