Once Upon A Time (An Edward Cullen Love Story)

Once Upon A Time (An Edward Cullen Love Story)

Hey, readers! I know there are, like, a million Edward Cullen love stories out there, but I just had this really good idea and thought I should write it.
And yes, I know that I'm also writing two other stories, but I can multitask! Anyway, please comment, rate, whatever, and feel free to include all criticism and suggestions!
Love, Ang
P.S. And if you find any errors at all - a missing letter, extra spacing - please tell me! It bothers me so much, and sometimes I miss them. Thanks! ;)

Chapter 1

The First Day of School - Oh, Joy.

Name: Skylar Doe
Age: Seventeen, almost eighteen (birthday is November 17th)
Grade: Twelfth
School: Forks High School
Family: She lives with her mother (her parents are divorced because he cheated on her; they both hate him), two-month-old son named Blake, nicknamed B {this will be explained in the back story!}
Appearance: Auburn hair to her chest, light blue eyes, average height, rather curvy, very pretty (though she doesn't really know or care)
Personality: Very nice, rather quiet, intelligent, has a scarred soul {again, this will be explained in the back story!}, loves her mother very much

Name: Jeremy Blakeson
Age: Eighteen
Grade: Twelfth
School: Forks High School
Appearance: Dark brown cropped hair, green eyes, rather handsome {and he knows it}
Personality: Sly and cunning, a bit of a bipolar, nice when he wants to be, popular

Back Story

Hi. My name is Skylar Doe. I just moved to Forks, Washington, this summer, and today is my first day at Forks High School. My mom, son, and I just moved here from Pennsylvania.

Wait. Maybe I should back up. Son? Yes, that's right - I have a two-month-old son named Blake. No, I'm not a slut, because I know that's what you're thinking. I didn't have sex and get pregnant at sixteen years old. I was raped at sixteen years old and kept my baby.

And don't start with the pity, please. I don't need it - what happened happened, and there's no changing it.

So I guess you want to know my story. Well, it's kind of important, so I'll tell you. My old boyfriend, Jeremy, had been going out with me for two months - I'd been ecstatic when the popular, much-adored boy had asked me, the quiet, less-known girl, out. I was happy for the first month - it was great, dating him. Then he started with the mood swings.

One day he hit me because we had a small argument. It came out of nowhere, and as soon as it happened, he immediately regretted it. I knew it was a bipolar-type thing, but I let it go, seeing his remorse.

Then, when it happened a second time, a week later, I was worried about it. I told him I thought we should take a break the next day - and boom, it happened again. I avoided him. Finally he came to my house, apologized - I gave him one more try.

He didn't pull through.

One day, he wanted to... go all the way with me. I refused, but he wouldn't accept a 'no' - he wanted to, so he did. It was the worst experience of my life.

I knew I had to say something, so I swallowed my embarrassment and told my mom. of course, that night, we found out that my dad was cheating on my mom with some girl at this office - turns out all those nights of 'working late' involved a different type of work.

So instead of calling the cops on Jeremy, we decided to move. Where to, though? Across the country, to Forks. I wasn't sad about leaving - I was the exact opposite, actually. I was happy to leave behind the bad memories.

I was home schooled for eleventh grade, and not many people knew I was living there. That was good, because I'd found out I was pregnant - with Jeremy's baby. The idea disgusted me, but I wanted my baby. It wasn't his fault. There was no reason to hate him.

So with the aid of my mother, I had my baby. I went to the hospital, of course, to have him - but with raising him and all. She would watch him while I went to school, and I would watch him when she went to work at nights at the local pharmacy.

So there's my story. Now back to the present. Blake was doing great, and today is my first day of school. I was extremely nervous when I woke up to my alarm. I got Blake dressed, then dressed myself {http://www.polyvore.com/cgi/set?id=37189078&.msg=BQcCAAAAAQQDAAAABAoLU2V0IHVwZGF0ZWQAAAAHY29udGVudAoENTAwMAAAAAhkdXJhdGlvbgoDbXNnAAAABHR5cGUIgQAAAAlmYWRlX2F3YXk}. I ate breakfast with my mom, then drove to school in my black Toyota Camry.

I pulled into the parking lot, noticing that my car was the nicest car there - next to the silver Volvo I saw a little ways down the lot. I walked into the building that said 'Main Office' on it and got my schedule. After thanking the woman there, I walked back out and saw that a few kids were going to their classes. I thought I saw a familiar face, but when I looked again, I realized I was wrong.

I checked my schedule, then went to my first block of the day - English. I took my seat next to a girl with brown hair named Angela. She seemed nice - rather like me, I think. I was really worried about lunch, though, until Angela invited me to sit with her and her friends. I accepted, relieved, and looked forward to lunch for the next classes.

{A/N: I'm only going to be focusing on Biology, her class with Edward, so I won't mention her other classes. Please don't be annoyed, but I don't really know how schedules work in the school so I'll only refer to things vaguely ('In third block,' etc.). Thanks.}

At lunch, Angela went through with her invitation and waved me over after I'd bought my lunch. I was introduced to Jessica (who was in my History class), Mike, Eric, Tyler, and Lauren. They all seemed very nice - Jessica talked a lot, the boys were eager to talk to me, and Lauren was... not very welcoming at first, but when I all but ignored the boys' flirting, she warmed up considerably.

It wasn't until halfway through lunch that I noticed the pale, beautiful students. Angela told me they were the Cullen family - I knew the name. Dr. Carlisle Cullen was my doctor when I had Blake.

{A/N: I'm skipping the descriptions because you already know what they look like (I hope). Anyway, on to Biology!}

After lunch I had biology, and when I walked in I noticed the only empty seat was next to Edward Cullen. I sat down and turned to introduce myself.

"Hi," I began tentatively. "I'm Skylar."

He looked up from his notebook. "Edward Cullen," he said, and looked back down. I noticed his eyes - they were a golden topaz color. Very captivating. But boys had no affect me anymore - not really. We didn't talk again during the period.

After school, I drove home, looking forward to seeing Blake and my mother. As soon as I was in the door, I walked over to my mother, kissed her cheek, and took Blake from her arms.

"How was school?" my mother asked.

"Pretty good," I answered, sitting down. "My AP classes are good."

{A/N: AP classes are Advanced Placement classes.}

"That's good," she said. "Did you make any friends?"

I nodded, now playing hide-and-seek with B.

"Yeah, this girl Angela seems really nice, and I met Jessica, Tyler, Mike, Eric, and Lauren. Oh, and I also saw Doctor Cullen's kids, but I only talked to one of them - Edward."

She smiled. "He's a very nice man."

I nodded in agreement. He hadn't said anything about a seventeen-year-old girl having a baby, and was very kind.

"Well," she said, getting up, "I'm off to work."

I looked up. "But your shift doesn't start until after dinner!"

"I have to get things settled. You'll be okay, won't you?" she asked.

I smiled. "Yeah. Do you want me to save you something for when you get home?

"Yes, please," she said. "Bye, Skylar! Bye, Blake!"

"Bye!" I said, lifting up Blakes hand and waving it. She grinned and shut the door.

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