Destined To Be - A Marauder Story

Aly (Spri9) and Seri (Seri_Black) are writing this!!!

Disclaimer: This story does not belong to anybody else. It is not the property of anyone but Spri9 and Seri_Black, and it is not owned by any business, website, individual, or group other than I. Quibblo does not own any material or rights. All rights reserved to Spri9 and Seri_Black.

Chapter 26

I am soo huuuunnngrryyyyy

My stomach was feeling sick and I don't think it was just from the thought of James and Lily ever getting together. I felt my hands shake slightly and I knew there was something wrong. I looked down on my hands which had stayed pressed on my stomach for god knows how long.

I lifted them up and felt the colour drain from my face as I realised what was covering them. I turned away from Aly and walked in the other direction, still covering my stomach, towards Sirius and Valerie.

Aly stopped me when I was nearly there and spun me 'round.

"We don't need more trouble" She warned. I knew she meant well but I pushed her off me and turned to face the couple talking in the corner.

"Show me your hand" I said, not caring about the cautious looks I was getting from people around me and staring straight into the daggers that bore into mine.

"What?" I heard Sirius said, so I repeated what I said. Simons smirked slightly before lifting her hand in a fist. Covering her hand was a a bunch of rings... most of them covered in spikes. I felt sick, as in actually sick, and I ran out of the ballroom and into the hallway outside.

I sat just around a corner, slightly hidden from sight. I heard the calls from Aly, Rem, James, Lily and... Sirius? I didn't have time to register who was out there before I felt a retching feeling in the back of my throat.

I lurched side ways, throwing up all over the cold concrete floor beside me. I turned away from it, not wanting to see and throw up again.

Besides, I already knew what I was throwing up.


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