Destined To Be - A Marauder Story

Aly (Spri9) and Seri (Seri_Black) are writing this!!!

Disclaimer: This story does not belong to anybody else. It is not the property of anyone but Spri9 and Seri_Black, and it is not owned by any business, website, individual, or group other than I. Quibblo does not own any material or rights. All rights reserved to Spri9 and Seri_Black.

Chapter 2

Introduction to Seri (Seri's POV) :D

"LILY!" I screamed at the top of my voice, and heard someone rushing up behind me. I turned, half falling, and shoved two letters with gold writing upon them in my sisters face.
Her face lit up, and together we ripped them open. maybe with a little to much force on my account. I saw the slightly ripped up emblem of Hogwarts and screamed loudly. Lily laughed at my enthusiasm.
"I have to go tell Sev!" She grinned and ran swiftly out the door.

"Seri Evans, I knew I would be seeing you today" I watched as a ladder zoomed towards me with a creepy looking man on it.
"Cypress, dragon core. Eleven and a half inches, supple" I held the wand tightly, hoping I wouldn't break any more of the shop, before bright red and gold sparks flew out the end.

"GRYFFINDOR!" The hat yelled, and I ran over to where Lily was sitting and gave her a huge hug. I turned to the boys sitting opposite.
"And you are?" I said pointedly.
"I'm James potter" said a boy with extremely messy hair, "and this is Sirius black, Remus Lupin and our other friend Peter Pettigrew" He gestured to a boy running over to them excitedly after being sorted.
"Pleasure to make your aquaintance" said Sirius, with mock formality.
"Pleasure" I replied laughing, before high-fiving him, and turning back to Lily.
ditto with the normal time :)

Suuupp! I am Seri Evans, beginning my fifth year at Hogwarts with my sister Lily and my best friends James, Sirius, Peter and Rem. I tend to hang out with James and Sirius the most- when Lily isn't dragging me away from them or Sirius is making out with his newest and more pointless and/or slutty than the last. anyways....

"WAKE UP!" I heard Lily scream and jumped up to see her standing beside the empty bed across the room from me. huh. maybe she should wake up. I rolled back over before the screaming happened again and louder. I groaned and rolled further over. The problem was that there was no further over, so I ended up on the floor.

Lily burst out laughing and I gave her a glare to shut-up. I got changed and then tied half my dirty-blonde hair back, leaving the other half to fall down my back. Lily had waited for me, so I walked down with her to breakfast and sat down next to Sirius, who automatically put his arm around me.
"Mornin'" I said brightly, pushing his arm off and laughing at James, who had water running down his face. He stuck his tongue out at me and I rolled my eyes. I grabbed some bacon and toast, lathering on the butter.
"So" I swallowed quickly and got a hard few hits on the back when I started coughing, "What do we have first?"
"Potions" Lily replied coming up behind me and giving a glare to James's hopeful glance up at her. I started laughing but covered it up as a cough when James turned on me.

"Hey, where's Rem?" I asked Sirius as we were standing up to leave.
"Oh, he's already gone down with--" but my attention was pulled elsewhere as he finished the end of his sentance.

TIS gunna be epically amazingXD so read on and Aly is up next!

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