My Crazy messed up life.

This is the story of Jules. Not true story sorry Should put that here.

Chapter 1

When I was ten

When I was ten I found out I was a Boy.. Now your thinking why did I not find out before then. Well heres the thing, My parents are insane and wanted a girl so they named me Juliet and told me I was a girl and that what I had was what it was meant to be. Now The home schooled me because they didn't want me to find out I was a boy and ruin there little minds. So here I am a little ten year old girl dressing in dresses and doing my hair when I look in the mirror I see my self. I didn't look like a girl no matter how much I tryed to please my mom and dad, I curled my hair and wore make up but nothing made me look like a girl. Now here is how I found out. My grandmother came over bless her soul she lived in different state and didn't know I was really a boy. She took one look at me in the pink tutu and said "What the hell Dan" Dan is her son my father. My father stupidly explaned what was going on and she had nothing good coming from her. Grandma yelled and cursed and told my parents she was going to get custody of me. So when I was eleven I went to live with my grandma as Jules a boy. On my 12 birthday my parents sent me dresses and sparkly shoes saying we love you Juliet. By then I had friends and was blushing deep red when everyone laughed. Now we can get to now me 15 and starting a new school Grandma moved to a new town so I could have a fresh start. Oh and Did I mention I like Guys because Of my mom.


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