Updates, New Stories, and things I feel you should know :)

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Chapter 1


Hey guys!

So first of all, just wanted to say how much I appriciate every single one of my readers...like really you guys are the best, if I could send each of you a medal that said AWESOME PERSON AWARD on it I would :)

So because of that, when I finish my Glee Story, (don't worry, I'll work as hard as I can on the others too :D) I will be putting out 2 new stories.


I'm super proud of this one guys, I've already written the first 4 or 5 chapters and I think fans of D-Criss will enjoy it!

Sneak Peek Time! (kinda)

Name: Samantha Paige
You audition for a role on glee and get the part! Your character's name for Glee is Olivia Martin, and something INTENSE, EMBARASSING, AND FLAT OUT HOT is going to happen between you and Darren in the 5th chapter!

The second story is going to be a.....

JOE WALKER LOVE STORY! (He's from Starkid for those of you out of the loop)

I'm also really proud of this one! I wrote the first 4 chapters in like 2 days and its gonna be a really steamy romance with some drama-ish stuff and a LOVE TRIANGLE. There is gonna be so much sexxual tension in this story, its not even funny :)

kind of a sneak peek right? lol

So yeah, I just wana let you amazing people know, so if you could...comment and let me know what you think please?

LOVE YOU ALL! XoXo- Sam :)

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