Harry Potter Love Story Part 1

Angela is in here fourth year and is feeling a new sensation. Harry Potter, whom she had know since first year, her best friend, is making her feel different. Will she overcome the feeling and survive the fourth year when Harry is pulled into the tri-wizard tournament? Will Harry survive?
I clipped out some of the things that happened in the real book, but some of it is made up. Enjoy!

Chapter 1

Hogwarts Express

Angela walked down the corridor. She was dragging her trunk behind her. Her cat, Tabitha was prowling along next to her. Angela was looking for her friends, Harry Potter, Ron Weasley, and Hermione Granger. She had known them ever since the first year when her and Harry got to join the Gyrffindor Quidditch team. Angela and Harry were the youngest Hogwarts Quidditch players in over 100 years. Last year Harry, Ron, Hermione and her had found out that Sirius Black was good and he was Harry's god father. Sirius' name was about to be cleared, but Wormtail, who had given Harry's parents whereabouts to Voldemort, the evil dark lord who is trying to kill Harry, got away and Sirius had to escape on Buckbeak the Hippogirff.
Angela turned and saw her three friends in a compartment alone. Ron and Hermione were talking and Harry was staring out the window. She walked in and put her trunk in the luggage compartment. Tabitha snuck over to Crookshanks, Hermione's fluffy ginger cat, and played with him. Angela took the seat across from Harry.
"Hey," said Angela to Harry.
"Hey," replied Harry.
"How was your summer?" Angela asked.
"Normal. Dursleys" he sighed, "Hey!" he said quickly, "I didn't see you at the Quidditch World Cup? Where were you?"
"Oh, I was there," she blushed, "But we got some of the best tickets, so we came early and left early. But not before we saw the Death Eaters. Poor Muggles,"
"Yeah," he said, "We went into the forest and saw Draco Malfoy,"
"Yeah, so did I. He called me blood traitor and said that I was not safe here. Why would he do that?"
"It's because he's a git!" Ron said, listening to their conversation.
"Suppose so. But he was so nice to me on the Hogwarts Express in First Year," Angela said.
"Don't tell me you are falling for him!" said Ron, raving.
"Of course not!" she said hastely, "Like you said, he's a slimey git." she added, looking at Ron's quivering face. Angela turned and looked out the window. "I miss Professor Lupin," she said.
"We all do," said Harry, feebley. "He was the best. I wonder who we will have this year?"
"Did you hear about Moody being attacked?" said Hermione.
"Yeah," said Angela. "My dad told me. Mum was surprised. Hey, has Sirius written back yet?" she asked hastely.
"Not yet," Harry said. He was keeping a secret, she knew it.
"What's bothering you?" Hermone and Angela asked at the same time.
"I'm fine," Harry replied, "It's just," he opened his mouth as if to speak, then shut it, "It's nothing." he finished. He went back to staring out the window. Angela moved over to Hermione.
"Do you know whats wrong with him?" Angela asked, "Anything happen at the World Cup?"
"Not that I know of. " she said. At the moment the compartment door opened. Who else to stand outside than Draco Malfoy and his croonies, Vincent Crabbe and Gregory Goyle.
"Oh, look who it is," Malfoy said in his cold drawling voice.
"Get off it, Malfoy," said Ron strongly.
"Oh, lets teach you how to count, Weasel. Okay, one Mudblood," Ron's fist clenched around his wand,"Two Blood-Traitors, and a Half-Blood. Did I miss anything, Crabbe?" Crabbe made a grunting noise and shook his head. The trio walked away, laughing.
"Did I ever mention that I hate him?" Ron asked, still tightly holding his wand.
"You would have gotten in a lot of trouble if you attacked him, Ron," Hermione said, warningly.
"Yeah," Harry agreed.
"Good thing you held your tongue, Ron," Angela said.
At that moment Tabitha meowed loudly and streaked accross the compartment and ran out the door. Crookshanks followed at a close chase.
"Crookshanks, no!" yelled Hermione.
"Tabitha, come back!" Angela yelled too. Hermione and Angela ran after the two cats. They moved past different compartments with other students heads sticking out, trying to look at what was happening. Angela could see Hermione blushing as they ran past the Slytherins' compartment full of laughing people. She realized that she was blushing too.
They finally caught the cats, who were hiding in the food trolly, and headed back to their compartment. They were 2 meters away when they saw Malfoy, Crabbe, and Goyle at the door. They were laughing about something. On the other side of Malfoy, they saw Fred and George, the Weasley twins who were both in their 6th year at Hogwarts. Angela saw them wink and pulled out their wands. Without knowing, Hermione and Angela did too.
It was all too fast to know what happened. Angela sent a full body-bind curse at Malfoy, and Hermione's wand shot out a red light, which meant that she had sent a stunning spell and it hit Goyle.
The three Slytherins hit the floor, but they were not normal. Malfoy had four extra arms and he was frozen. Crabbe had eyes all over the place, on his forehead, cheeks, everywhere that they could see. And Goyle only had one arm and it was sticking out on his left side.
Angela, Hermione, Fred, and George ran into the compartment where Harry and Ron were standing, wands out.
"What did you use George?" Ron asked him,
"Avifors, the one that turns things into birds, the bloke Malfoy would make a good one." he said, "What did you use, Angela?"
"I used the Full Body-Bind Curse on Malfoy." she responded.
"Well those two don't make a very good combo." he said.
A while later the train pulled to a stop at the Hogsmeade Station. They all climbed off the train and stepped onto the platform.

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