Why everyone in my school thinks my friends and I are weird...

Mikayla(if you read my story you might have worked out she is my bestest friend ever!!) has been writing down all the funny stuff that we have said/done.You might not get some of it because you weren't there.

Chapter 1


by: Teagzi
UV Rays-Talking about UV Rays and how everyone gets hit by them and that they give you cancer with a really tall teacher- "But miss your taller so you'll get hit first."haha

Now you get my drift!!Hahaha


Bud bud ding ding $2.95, come to my curry shop all the time, buy some chicken buy some rice, you will find they're all half price. Bud bud ding ding $2.95!!!!

We will have no more of this perfuffle!"
-Mrs Dix

You get my drift?
-Mrs Dix

"It's clear as mud"
-Mrs Dix

"I get her drift, it's clear as mud"

"Mr Blandy is he your pin up boy
-Mrs Ellis

"You have over stepped a line."
-My year manger

Mikayla writes p^niis on a book and then tells the reliever "Miss, it says p^n^s."

"Plese treat my stuff with the utmost respect."

- me

"You should have said 'I haven't seen those photos before, but oh hot damn they're good!"
-Ellie on the Blandy pictures

"Mr Blandy is squidward cause of his big nose"

"Withchcraft Isn't evil it's just devil worship."

"What are you looking at Stephenie?"
-Mrs H(some weird reliever)

"Why do you want to go with them Steph?To be there bodyguard?
Mrs H

Mikayla asks "What's your name, miss?" and then Mrs H goes "I don't have a name."

Mrs H gives us the evils and I turn to Mikayla "Hey I think she likes us!" with a big smile on my face and then I got moved.

"No offense miss but you are really freaking me out!"
Mikayla to Mrs H

"I swear that teacher wants to r^pe me"
-Steph as she got told to see Mrs H

"Do you want to do grammar?(In a threatining voice)
-Mrs H

"Shes getting ready to pounce!!"makes cat noises...

"Teagz you make me lol my little freakytard.I love you."
-A year 12

Mrs H to Isla: "Whats up G?"
Isla to Mrs H: "Whats up?"
Isla to Steph: "She said whats up to me!!"
Mrs H to Steph: "She said what's up to me!"

"Mrs Sage, did you know it was Rebecca Blacks Birthday yesterday?" "Oh all right, she's in this class is she?"
-Jay and Mrs Sage

"We should do a heart for Blandy!!" Mikayla gives Steph the stare "Don't even think about it!"

We casually dropped magic stick wrappers on year 11s and then they found us and gave us a lecture!

When Isla and Steph were trying to show off to each other that they had more emails in computers.

I ROFL-ed so hard I acutually fell on the ground and then got dragged around for an hour by my leg and couldn't get up.


Mr Blandy had a conversation with Steph and then she screams "HE TALKED TO ME!!" and He is still behind her looking scared.

That's all I can be bothered typing, I might put more up later:D

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