~On a Lonely Night~

I thought of this in math class, and I wrote in that class,too. I usually come up with random stories in math class instead of doing math :P

Chapter 1


It was raining. That was all I knew right now. That and my body was in excrusiating pain. I tried to open my eyes, but I couldn't. I fear for what I might see. I had no idea where I was. There was so much blood that I could smell it.I had to open my eyes. Somebody could be in trouble. I opened my eyes...I was in a car. The driver's seat. Had I caused an accident? If I was in a car, I must've been going somewhere.People would be looking for me.

I looked down at myself. I was covered in blood, but I couldn't find to source. I looked next to me and my heart jumped to my throat.My dad was sitting in the passenger's side. He looked asleep.He wasn't.The branch was impailing him.One of his hands was on the branch, as if he saw it coming and waited for impact. If he was there, where was my mother?

I reached for the belt fastener, but I found out that I was already undone from it. I turned to look behind me. My mother wasn't in the car. Well, more like halfway in and halfway out. Her legs were the only thing that I saw. I wanted to cry. Anything to take the newfound pain away. A thought came to me. Where was her purse? I leaned over, my side aching. I avoided my mother and father's body. Her purse was on the floor.

I reached over and grabbed it quickly. It was covered in a wet substance that I believed to be blood.I searched her purse for her cell phone. My head was starting to throb, as if a jackhammer was hitting against it. It wasn't in there. My heart was beating so fast now; I believed that it would break out of my ribcage. I tossed the purse into the dashboard and looked behind me again.

Her cell phone was on the floor, next to some random trash. I grabbed it. I leaned back up and quickly dialed 911."911, how may I hlep you?"I opened my mouth to speak, but nothing came out."Hello?"

"I was in a car accident,"My voice hurt so much, I must've been screaming. I felt like I had strep throat again."Where is your location?"I didn't know.My voice, almost inaudible, said,"Can't you trace the call?"The my head seemed to have exploded. The last thing that I heard was rain.

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