Runaway from Everything

My name is Jackson Richardson, and this is the story about when I ran away from my horrible life and found myself in something worse...

Chapter 1

My Life In Ruins

by: EricG
"Jackson!" Mrs. Smith screamed at me at the end of math class. "You failed my class. You're going to have to go to summer school if you don't want to repeat the ninth grade!"

Great, another class failed. First history, then Spanish, now math? My parents were already pissed about me failing two, now three. Oh no, my life sucks.

I walked out of Mrs. Smith's room and saw the football team. I'm very scrawny. Like always, they beat me up. I couldn't escape due to them being so big! I just took it, like I do every day. I'm hated by everyone. I tried to fit in when I started high school earlier in the year, but people just didn't like who I was. I'm a complete failure. I'm not athletic, I'm in the lower track, but I still fail, and I have no friends. It's like I'm in a nightmare where I can't wake up.

When I finally got home that day, my mom was at the door. "Oh, you are in trouble. You failed three classes."

I said, "Mom, I can't help it. My life sucks!"

"Oh how does it suck?"

"Everything, ugh!" I left her and ran into my room. My parents didn't get anything about me. They don't get that I have a learning disability. They don't get that I'm hated in school and no one likes me. They don't get that I have no skill in everything. Oh, why bother explaining it to them? My life sucks. My life is in ruins.

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