A Beautiful Stranger

A vampire satiates his thirst...

Short Story - less than 1000 words.

Chapter 1

A Beautiful Stranger

Music pounded so loud that I felt it like a heartbeat. I tapped the soft wood of the bar beneath my fingers, watching the bodies grind against each other in time with the electronic dance music. I could feel the bass in my hollow chest, the vibrations of sound against my skin. The fumes of alcohol pervaded the air along with other thick smells. One of those airborne tangs however, my soul sang for. In that small crowded room of bodies moving together, I craved only one thing.

I could imagine how this night would end. Wiping the glossy liquid from the edges of my lips, I would sigh. Centuries ago, perhaps there would have been a rush. Luring some pretty young thing from the bar I’m sitting in, worshipping her like a false god and finally, going in for the kill. She would never expect it. She would not even feel it. I would stare at her pathetic near-lifeless form and smile. My hand would caress her cheek adoringly as she would stare at me through lazy eyes. Death would blind her but she would continue to gaze. Such a pretty girl I want and I would not even know her name.

So many nights had ended in such a manner. The dead girl would lie peacefully at the bottom of a river, sleeping the endless sleep of the angels. By dawn she would become ashes and by the time the sun would be full in the sky, the girl would be non-existent to the world. She would be in hell. The devil would reward her for satisfying his spawn.

There is nothing that can save me. The devil would save that hypothetical girl whose fate is so similar to many of the other girls in my past. Religion would save the poor humans in this world. I was just on this world to be damned, nothing more and nothing less. I have cheated death and double crossed faith. There is something beautiful in never dying. Of course, bartering your soul in exchange for longevity and eternal youth comes with its curse.

Human blood is the fluid I have to consume regularly if I do not wish to crumble away into oblivion. Personally, I have no problems with the lifestyle. Humans are pathetic, useless and spawn faster than rabbits do. There is nothing lost when they die. I’m doing them a favor. They are overpopulating the planet anyway. At least I’m helping them keep their numbers down. After all, it is their fault. They enjoy 'making love' far too much.

A girl catches my eye. She is blonde, petite, probably underage and dancing alone. She stares into oblivion, seeing something that others cannot. The music sways her, like a puppet on strings. The way her body moves, the way her muscles react in time to the sound blasting from the speakers, the way each and every blood vessel on the surface of her flesh sings to me. She entrances me. My eyes are only for her.

My throat burns for her and my heart beats drily for her. I want her. I want to feel her tender, supple skin beneath my fingers. I want to hear her wet heart pounding for me. There was nothing I wanted more than her life rushing out of her neck and wash my lips. Feel her soft curls as I kill her. She’ll be missed. Her parents won’t understand but they will adjust to life. A death is like a paper cut to the earth. Stinging, painful but it will heal. The world will heal without the girl and will continue to function as usual.

The girl leaves with me. Her long curls caress my arm that is wrapped possessively around her waist. In the starlight, the pavement shines like silver. The rain drizzles, and the girl shrinks into me for protection. She knows she is vulnerable. In the darkness, the trees are bare and everywhere the streets are full of strangers. Black silhouettes against the silver moon hung in the starlit midnight sky. The night scares her. She wants me to protect her from the unknown. If I were human, I might have felt compassion.

We stop on an old little bridge which creaks under our weight. The city lights are misty in the silver river. I stand before her and press the small of her back against the wooden railing. I kiss her. She feels something. An explosion of total peace and serenity overwhelms her. She knows that this may be the last time to kiss this beautiful stranger who wrapped his strong arm around her and kisses her under the pale moonlight. Nothing could be more perfect for this little girl, living in a fairytale where fantasy holds no limits.

Her lips are sweet. I press my lips to each of her eyelids before descending to that tender curve where her neck meets her shoulder. She sighs sweetly, offering her neck to me. I place my hand at the roots of her blonde hair and grasp them gently. My other hand pushes her hips to mine.

I place my lips to the base of her neck and kiss that spot. I cannot stop myself. My teeth descend into that rosy flesh and her blood is free. I’ve lost myself. My knuckles clench her roots and her waist. I feel her fragile body break beneath me. Once her body is dry I let her go. I watch her fall into the blackened river below.

Her body sinks, like a stone in a pond. So beautiful, so peaceful, even in death. God, I didn’t even know her name.


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