haha this isnt a true story..just something random!PLEASE rate ! and comment! k thaaaanks :)

Chapter 1


I watched my skin sever, and the blood stream out of my arm. It’s not like this was the first time he had done this to me. He hits me and cuts me on a daily basis. For some reason it had become a part of my life… He gets home around 10:30 every night, wasted out of his mind. He calls me. “Sweetie, could you come downstairs please?” It’s not like I’m not going to go. Last time I tried that he twisted my neck. So I go downstairs to him. I prepare myself. he loves you, he’s just disciplining you, the pain always goes away within three hours, don’t struggle and then I see him. We meet eye contact…and then he explodes. He runs towards me, but I don’t try to get away, there’s no use. I squeeze my eyes shut as his fist flies towards my face. When his knuckles reach my face I scream in agony. I try to hold it back, I really do. But it just hurts so bad…no matter how much I’m used to it… Sometimes he has a knife. He walks towards me and whispers in my ear “You’ve been a really bad boy; I Think u need to be taught a lesson, don’t you?” His words are breathy and slurred. With a thick, stench of vodka. I feel the cool blade reach my neck. I beg to the lord for my life. Not pray, beg. Quickly the knife slides across my neck and I feel the warm blood rise to the surface. Fortunately the cut wasn’t deep enough to kill. He throws me on the ground “What, what the hell do you think you’re doing up so late?” I don’t answer him. I just stand up and run upstairs and lock myself in the bathroom. I look in the mirror, the cut is still bleeding. My shirt is stained, another one I need to throw out.
So basically this is my life now. I’ve learned to accept that. There’s nothing I can do to save myself. We’ll, there is one thing...I could kill myself…I could take a knife and slide it into my throat. Or I could drown myself… I could hang myself in my closet… I’m not sure… All I know is that it would end my pain…Maybe it’s not such a bad idea?

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