Humans think they know everything about magic and vampires werwolves and demosn is fake. They think they know the truth. They think they know nearly everything about the world. They couldnt be more wrong....

Chapter 1

Quick getaway

It was 10 p.m. when my father woke me. "Malcolm get up or you will miss the graveyard rally." He said to me. I sat up in bed stretched my arms and yawned. I got out of my bed and walked to my closet and threw on the black robe all members of the cult hasd to wear to rallies. I looked at the calandar beside my bed. It was October 24. "Thanks for the happy birthday dad." I said. to myself then walked to the back yard where my father and mother where already waiting.
"Hurry you worthless sh**" My mother said to me. "Im coming you old hag." I said. I followed behind them as we walked through the night to the graveyard. It was cold and I had chill bumps all over my arms.
When we finally arived at the graveyard to men dragging a girl who struggled to get free walked up to my father. "Luis we found this girl sleeping by one of the tombstones." The first one said. My father grabbed the girl by the chin and chuckled. "Been snooping around havnt you." he said, "Take her somewhere dark do whatever you will but make sure you kill her afterwards. Take the boy with you he needs to learn how to make someone suffer." he said and walked away my mother followed.
"Come boy." The second one said. I followed. We walked into one of the larger tombs. The first man tied her onto a concrete slab in the middle of the room. The second drew out a knife. "NO!!" She screamed. "Please help me someone anyone please help help." The second man walked over to the girl took the knife and cut off her belt. "Haha she has a nice body Layton." he said to the first man. "Indeed she does Christoph. I say we should let the boy have first go i mean isnt it his 18th birthday today." Layton said. "Sure." Christoph relied.
I looked at the girl crying on the slab. Her clothes wer torn and coming off. She cried and begged for help. "Go on." Said Christoph. I thought to myself for a moment then grabbed the knife. I walked to the slab and raised it to her neck. I leaned down and kissed her. "When I cut the rope be ready to run." I whispered to her. Then kissed her again.
I quickly cut the ropes. Then chunked the knife toward Christoph. It embedded in his chest. He let out a loud wailing noise and fell against the wall of the tomb. I grabbed the girls hand and we quickly ran out into the night.
I could hear Laytons footsteps closing in behind us. I could now see the exit of the graveyard. We where almost homefree. Then i felt two hands grab my shoulders. It was Layton.
He slamed me onto the ground and pulled out a knife. He raised it over his head. The only thought going through my mind was that i was going to die here. Suddenly the girl tackled Layton off of me. "Hurry lets get out of here." I said.
We reached the exit then headed towards town. Surley the police could help us I thought to myself. I then heard the sound of gunfire and felt agonizing pain in my shoulder. I fell to the ground. I could feel my blood slipping through my hands. I was scared. My vision started to blur. I saw to figures grab the girl.
Then I saw a third figure appear behind the first two. He grabbed both of them and jumped into the air. Then they dropped from the sky dead on the concrete sidewalk. I felt someone pick me up. I looked up to see who it was but I blacked out beore I had the chance to know who it was... Tbc in Chpater 2: Blood on my lips.

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