Written in the perspective of the killer, Autumn Gregory. You can skip the first chapter if u want! it starts at the second anyways!Just something i randomly made up. aha! comment and rate!Add me!! ill be adding more every day if i can!!! tell me if you like it, give me tips for my writing if you would like :) this is the first story ive ever written so...its messy!

Chapter 1

Prologue~The beginning.

Mrs.finich never noticed anything different about Autumn. She was the average grade four student, with the exception of straight A’s. Yes, she was quiet, but maybe she’s just shy…right? “Autumn! It’s your turn to take the class hamster home!” Mrs.finich had told her. Autumn smirked. “Alright”.
Autumn had sat around the dinner table that night, staring at the walls.“How was your day, darling? Her mother had asked “Anything new?”. Autumn ignored her question- as usual, and out spoke her thoughts. “That poor animal…Getting carried around all day. I bet it would be happier dead”.“No one wants to die!” Her father answered. “You don’t know that”. Her parents exchanged a worried glance. Autumn stood up and walked upstairs. “Goodnight?” they called after her.
“I can help you, you know. I can save you! You won’t even know what happened. I promise.” She told the hamster. “Do you want me to free you?” she asked. She put her hands around the hamster’s neck, gripping tightly. Bye Bye. She started to twist its neck, an opposite way with each hand. The hamster struggled, twitched in her hands. Suddenly she heard a crack and felt it go limp. She grinned. Your free now, you can be happy! I told you I would save you. She took its body and put it in a shoebox, then shoved it under her bed.
Autumn woke up earlier than usual that morning. She didn’t show her mom the body, because she knew that she would disapprove. Autumn put the shoebox into her backpack, smiling at what she had done.
She carried her backpack and the hamster cage into the classroom. “Autumn! You’re quite early dear!” Mrs. Finich exclaimed. “Yes I am” autumn answered. “Now,” Mrs. Finich smiled “How is the hamster!” Autumn unzipped her backpack and took out the shoebox. “She’s happy now, look!” Mrs.finich’s face went cold. Slowly she reached and opened the lid of the box. Inside was a cold little mangy body. Mrs.finich was silent for a long second. “What happened...?” Autumn snickered. “I saved her. She’s free now!”

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