Don't Play Stupid With Me

Mistique Chantee has always lived in Ridge Brooks and has never wanted to leave. It's who she is and nothing, nothing can change her.

Zane Westbrook is your typical stereotype city boy who just so happens to be passing through Ridge Brooks when his truck breaks down.

Some say they should have never met. Others argue they were meant to be.

Chapter 1

Once Upon A Time

by: Jacers__
"Grandma," a teenage girl's voice rang out loud and clear as her grandmother sat on the end her into bed. The woman smiled and patted the end of the girl's plush bed gently, "tell me a story please?"

"It's getting late munchkin. Aren't you tired from today?" Her grandmother asked, a smile playing on her lips.
The girl shook her head vigorously before she mumbled a soft, "No."

"Well alright then. What do you want to hear about?" Grandma asked as she settled onto her granddaughters bed.
Instead, she answered with a question, "Why can't Aiden and I be together?" Tears were welling up in her light brown eyes as the teenager hugged her knees tight to her chest.

"Well no body said you can't be together sweetheart," her grandma replied first then continued, "but you know, and I've told you this before Mayah, choices are made and there are always reactions to those choices. If you love him, nothing can stop that."

Mayah started crying softly, her black hair falling in front of her face as she did so. Her grandmother only patted her back softly, tracing light designs only she could see and shushed her baby's baby.

"You know what? I've got the perfect story to tell you. Who knows, maybe you might learn something from it," Mayah's grandma smiled softly before she launched into her story.

"As all fairy-tales begin...Once upon a time,"


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