Characters Of My Story 'Deceptions Of An Immortal' - I've got all of them written down - look at chapter three please :)

Read below for instructions!

The story name is Deceptions, Deceptions.

It's a mythical / immortal story.

Chapter 3

All The Characters

by: Jacers__
Well - I've started the story & I hope you guys like it. I know I have kinda stopped writing a bit lately and I'm terribly sorry for that :( Forgive me?

So I'm going to name off all the characters I have now. I'll be making another chapter to this soon to add in the characters I want but haven't been created yet. & then I will start writing the story again soon.

Sora Desdemona:
Type of Immortal - Vampire

Zen Drachen:
Type of Immortal - Vampire

Damion Claw
Type of Immortal - Werewolf

Werewolf - Dante Pathos

Velvela Lyall

Lily Carmichael
Type of Immortal- Half angel, half demon hunter

Spark Liekos

Zenda McBane

Aragonia Mathecin (Math-eh-kin)
Type of Immortal - powerful hybrid of wolf-dragon and human.

Arch Angel:
Iris Semiramis

Cupid Angel;
Natayla Birgit

Type of Immortal -Arch Angel

Arianna VanLuke
type of immortal: fallen angel

Hunter Riely
type of immortal: Fallen angel


Zenda McBane

Valentina Wolfe.
Type of Immortal - Angel

-- So I still have Reeve Pagan(Psychic), Amia Orfea(ghost), Dorian Willard(Genie) & Chante Orfea(Syren) who need personalities & appearances. I will do that part. Thanks for helping out everyone!

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