Characters Of My Story 'Deceptions Of An Immortal' - I've got all of them written down - look at chapter three please :)

Read below for instructions!

The story name is Deceptions, Deceptions.

It's a mythical / immortal story.

Chapter 1

Story.... :)

by: Jacers__
I've been working on this story for a while now but I feel like my characters are missing something. So this is where I need your guys' help! I have names ( which I will list) but please feel free to name the your character whatever you like.

Names I have and what they are:
Spark Liekos is an Lycanthrope.
Iris Semiramis is an Arch Angel.
Dorian Willard is a Genie.
Chante Orfea is a Syren.
Anima Shadow is a Ghost.
Reeve Pagan is a Psychic.
Zen Drachen is a Vampire.
Velvela Lyall is a Werewolf and
Draken Cawthorne is an ancient Dragon.

If you chose to use these names, please keep what they are as well. Their names are associated with what type of creature they are and I spent hours looking for the appropriate names.

Yes, it's a mythical/immortal story and yes I know there are lots of these stories out here but I really hope you will help me with mine and make it extra special with your help.

Story Requirements

1) Name - My given names or not.

2) Type of Immortal - Again, mine or yours.

3) Age - Can range of infant to elder.

4) Physical Traits - Scars, Hair Color / Length, Eye Color, Height, Etcetera

5) Flaws? - The character may or may not have flaws but I would prefer they did, just to make them seem a bit more real.

6) How did they become immortal / mythical & why.

7) Accent & Speech - Do they have an accent? Do they are slurred, clear, aggressive, coy, humorous, etc type of speech?

8) Some history?

9) Would they be an antagonist or a protagonist or a background character ?

10) Anything else - If there is anything else you think I forgot to mention and should have, mention it under this column.

Thanks so much for your help! :)

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