The Unfortunate Day my Dreams Came True (Part 3) Death Note

The Unfortunate Day my Dreams Came True (Part 3) Death Note

So I'm finally done with the Percy Jackson part of this series and now onto my more reason obsession. Wait for it.... Death Note! Hope you enjoy:D
P.S. I am an L fan and completely hate and dispise Light. This is just what I think would happen.

Chapter 1

Were the Tornado Drops Me

by: Haystacks
"Hayley, could you please pay attention in class?" I heard a stern voice.
I picked my head up and looked around to find everything in anime! Where the Hades did that thing take me?
"Um, yes sir" I said.
I looked at my hands and they also looked like an anime drawing. Shaking I looked around the classroom hoping to spot something, anything familiar. And thats when I saw it, the face of the devil himself, Light Yagami.
I scowled at his face, then thought, what was I doing here? The only guy I liked in this show was L and he dies. Well maybe I'll have a chance before he dies. Maybe he'll be the way out of this place. The weird thing was when Connor said it he didn't mean it and yet I was still brought here.
"Okay, class dismissed" And everyone filed out the door.
What I thought was even weirder was that they were talking in English.
I decided to follow Light because most likely this was the first episode and he's going to get the Death Note.
I followed him outside and hid behind a tree. He bent over picked up the Death Note and sat it back down. He walked away. But I knew he'd come back. I'd seen every episode twice.

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