Not Your Typical Love Story (girls)

Hey! Here's my new story! It's a love story (Obviously ^_^), that has a bit of dirtiness from time to time. But, the most different thing about this one, is that I'm adding mor humor. Don't judge. Personally, I'm sick of the, meet at a party, fall in love, COUGH COUGH spend a night together, fall in love MORE, then get married, have kids and end. WAAAAAAAAAAAAAY too original. So, anyway, I hope you enjoy!

Chapter 1

A Teaser

"Yes Seth, I'll be right down. Be patient for once in your life!" I yelled down the stairs. I'm Ali. Ali, you don't really need to know my last name. No offense, but still. "Come on, do you still want to make it with Mason and Kelly? Or stay here and dump them both?" Seth said, leaning against the wall, peeking into the bedroom. We were both in our last year of college. No, we aren't together....eww. Seth, my best guy friend, being all smushy and kissy with me? Makes me shiver. Sure, most girls would kill to just brush past him, he is cute and all. People think he looks like all sorts of cute, famous guys. After all, green eyes and dark brown hair combine well. Add a nice body in there and you're done for. I look at him, annoyed. "Noooo, let's just stay here, and count how many threads it took to make the carpet." I say, brushing past him. His face turns a bit red from the close contact. "Perv..." I whisper, stepping down the stairs. "Sorry, I just want to get going." He says, following me. I sensed guilt in his voice. Oh, yeah. One thing I forgot to mention. I'm a bit....different. I can read people's eyes, to tell if they're saying the truth, and can tell the emotions from their speech. Pretty cool, actually. Only Seth knows. Nobody else. Then, I would have to start my own show, get into too many contracts, meh, too much. "It's fine, don't beat yourself up on it." I reply, getting into my car. Seth climbs in next to me. He smiles for no reason, after we get starting on the drive. "What?" I Love? What the hell? Well, probably thinking of a girl at school or something like that. "Nothing." He replies still smiling. I roll my eyes. I stop in front of the place where Mason and Kelly were waiting to be picked up. They run, hand in hand, to the car. I smile. "So, let's get this double-date on a roll, shall we?" Mason says, after they get seated in the back. "WHAT?" I say, slamming my foot on the brake. "DOUBLE-date?" Seth asked. Kelly answered. "Well, we figured that you two spent so much time together, that were dating." I start laughing. Seth lets out a few laughs at well, but felt...disappointed. "Come on man, you know you'd love to date a girl like Ali. She's perfect for you." Mason said. Seth turns red. I settle down a bit before saying, "Sorry to burst your bubble Mason, but I think we'll stay friends for a while now." The car felt heavy with deep sadness. My eyes widen. No, no no no no no no can't be. He can't- Oh my. Seth likes me.
The dinner went by slowly, and in a very awkward fashion. We were back at my house, Seth practically lived there. He had a room of his own, up the hall from mine. When we started college we decided to just share the house, rather than getting dorms. I slam the door behind me. I wasn't mad...or sad or anything. Just confused. He could have told me. I grinned. I could take advantage of this. I could tease, and flirt, but be in the "friend-zone" at the same time. It would drive him CRAZY. Perfect. TBC
:3 I love torturing guys in my stories. It's really fun. Looks like Ali might like him after all........

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