The Tale Of Two Jacksons(A Percy Jackson Story)

The Tale Of Two Jacksons(A Percy Jackson Story)

I love Percy Jackson, lol.
And I really wanted to make this story, I hope you guys like!!
Please comment, and rate.

Chapter 1

Chapter One

So, do you know how awesome it is to find out that you have parents, after living with a woman you thought was your single mom since the day you were born?
Or how about finding you have a brother whose your twin?
Yeah, sadly, that's my life.
My name is Lauren J-er-Gonzales, I'm sixteen and my life is not what it seems.
Like I said, a single mom, whose not my mom, blah, blah, BLAH!
Anyways, I'm the loser of school, bullies push me into trash cans, mean girls turn their noses up at me.
Sometimes I'd love to give them a bloody nose!
But I can't, I'm not "brave enough."
I can sing, I can act, I can't swim.
Water, and I have been enemies since my first bath, don't ask why.
I don't know.
But yeah, like I said my life was pretty normal till one day when a kid my age showed up.
Percy Jackson.
Percy's POV.
The most interesting, horrifying thing was just said to me.
"I HAVE A SISTER?!" I yelled at my mom.
She seemed more nervous that day, my yelling probably didn't help.
"Percy, calm-"
"I can't calm down, I have a sister!" I yelled again.
She closed her eyes, and took a deep breath.
"Percy, listen. You need to-"
I cut her off again.
"Need to what? Play dolls and tea party with her?" I asked.
"Percy, please!" she cried, an edge to her voice.
I shut my mouth this time.
When I was finally quiet, she spoke.
"Your sister needs your help."
I felt a question tugging at me.
"Whose the dad?"
She gave me a knowing look, and I suddenly knew the answer.
"No." I mumbled.
"It can't be."
My mom nodded.
"She's your twin, your father made twins."
I couldn't believe it, all this time, I had a sister, who was a daughter of Poseidon?
"Why haven't you told me? Why did you keep us separated?" I asked, feeling kind of betrayed.
"Percy, you two together would have made it easier for monsters to find you. So I sent her to a close friend of mine who understands my situation."she explained.
I couldn't believe that.
She must have seen how upset I looked, because she put her hand's on my shoulders, and looked into my eyes.
"Percy, she needs you, take her to Camp Half-blood, keep her safe."
"How will I know it's her?"
My mom gave me a strange look.
What was that expression?
Worry? Amusement? Hate?
I couldn't tell.
"She has eyes, Percy."
I wanted to say, "Well, DUH!"
But I kept my trap shut.
"They are as blue as yours, you'll know it's her when you see them."
I wondered how she was even alive, most half-bloods are dead by thirteen without Camp Half-Blood, but I'll figure that out later.
Right now, I have to save my sister.


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